Healthy Living: How I Detox with Tiny Teatox

Healthy Living: How I Detox with Tiny Teatox

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  1. Frank McNee

    Loved this video! I've been looking into the your tea tiny tea for a while and I think I'm finally going to try it out especially with all the stress of finals coming up I want to make sure I keep good and healthy habits ๐Ÿ™‚ And also where is your shirt from? I loved the simple blue straps but I never got to see the whole shirt haha. ย Luv your channel <3

  2. dllemke123

    I naturally have a really fast metabolism and I'm tall so I look really skinny. Whenever I heard about this teatox in the past I just thought it was to lose weight but now I really want to get some because it seems like it's great for your body. Hope I can try this out in the future!

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