Healthy Living: How I Got Started, My Goals, Motivation

Healthy Living: How I Got Started, My Goals, Motivation

READ ME!!!! I apologize for all the “um” lol its a bad habit! Age: 20 in college Haydens Age: 20 we live together full time student work 25+ hours at a daycare fully …


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  1. Kayliegh-Anne Joyce

    I have so much stock for the exact same view! I haven't read this book but I am definately going to, I watched a programme called hungry for change, you need to watch it. And I tried to spread my view and I had so much hate it was unreal, like trying to explain why "fat free" yoghurt is not healthy, people would literally cut me out of their life and label me as obssesed, just because I had learned this from the documentary I watched. I came to the conclusion that I would step back and let the others be over weight or "thin but unhealthy" and I will be healthy and fit. Then we will see which one of us comes off better 🙂 keep going! You are inspiring!

  2. Rose Hooper

    To the idiots who think it's okay to be overweight…we will see how okay it is when you are 30 and 40 with heart disease and diabetes. stop being delusional and get yourself out of denial. I understand not every can lose weight quick, but simply changing your eating habits makes a huge difference. Don't get mad because someone is taking the initiative to live healthier and better. You go Kathryn !

  3. Samantha Statham

    I agreed with a lot of what you say except that healthy eating ensures that you will not get cancer. My boyfriends mother just got out of surgery having a cancerous tumor removed; she's been eating organic and raw since she was in her late teens and is now in her early 50s…

  4. Ashleigh Correll

    Hey girly, I'll definitely be checking out this book. If you haven't already seen Forks Over Knives, it's a great documentary talking about diet in relation to cancer, heart disease, etc. Doctors have even reversed cancerous cells in studies by changing the participants' diets. Just a side note, from the news stories I've seen on the thigh gap, researchers have said that it's based of of the way your hips/pelvis are/is set/angled, not necessarily on your weight. But if that's what you want and it's working for you, go for it! Your abs look fantastic, looking forward to more fitness videos!

  5. Brandi Green

    I definitely agree with your opinion on the food industry and government making our definition of "healthy" askew. I'm glad you have realized and told others! I'm also glad you are trying to help others! Thank you for your videos, they are very much appreciated 🙂

  6. Lady Midnight

    Great motivation tips. I'm glad that you found what works for you. I so want to lose weight, be healthy and eat clean. It's pretty much all I think about. I'm sure you already know this but muscle weighs more than fat. So as you are seeing changes in your body getting more toned, you are actually putting on more muscle which also helps to burn fat. 

  7. Jordan Marie

    Hi! I read Eat to Live, about a year or so back.. I lost a lot of weight and I was feeling pretty great. Then I got pregnant with my second daughter, and I physically couldn't do the diet anymore. I had no energy and I thought I was dying. (And my whole adult life, eating meat has made me sick.) Then about three months ago I asked my doctor about nutrition (I was 6-7 months pregnant.), and long story short he recommended the book Grain Brain. He had been eating paleo for 5 months. If you like research, I really recommend this book. Talk about a life changer. I feel better than ever and I rarely cheat. You don't crave bad food. I no longer eat sugar except on a rare occasion in enjoy life chocolate chips. I no longer eat grains, bread, pasta, corn. I also no longer eat legumes and beans. I now eat grass fed and free range meat and eggs. I don't do dairy anymore, and I no longer feel sick. I have had insane back pain my whole life and that has also gone away. But anyways. Life is good and if you like research you should read Grain Brain. (I am now 4 weeks postpartum and just got the okay to really start working out this week. For 3.5 weeks I have been walking many miles a day, and yesterday I started more intense training. Everyone tells me I don't look like a just had a baby and every week I am losing weight. I am down over 25 pounds!)

    But seriously, congrats on all your progress!

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