Healthy Living LIVE with Dr. Alan Goldhamer

Healthy Living LIVE with Dr. Alan Goldhamer

Dr. Alan Goldhamer, co-founder of the TrueNorth Health Center and co-author of The Pleasure Trap, answers your most asked questions. For more information …


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  1. child of destiny

    I've been WFPB and oil free for about 2 years and always had a TERRIBLE time with intense hunger after dinner, which always led me back to the fridge despite my most heroic efforts. I removed salt and sugar from my diet 2 weeks ago and haven't had an urge to eat after dinner since. Not a single one. I don't believe it was fatigue that caused the late night eating for me. It was the 3 tbs of blue agave and soy sauce I drizzled on my dinner every night!!!

  2. Joy Blom

    Hello Chef AJ.
    Could you ask a Plant based Dr about crohns disease and medications.
    What should people with crohns be careful of eating because even some plant foods can hurt… Sometimes raw foods, apples, beans ect can cause discomfort.
    Is there any hope for people with crohns to get off medications.
    I am on methotrexate and my Dr wont let me leave it.

  3. linzertube

    I love what Dr. Goldhamer said, starting at 1:00:34, about keeping everyone in the TrueNorth environment for optimal success. It’s absolutely is the truth, that, while in that place of positivity and learning, it is so EASY to stay motivated and on-track. I, personally, would LOVE to live (and work) in the wonderful TrueNorth bubble, with like-minded, truth- and health-seeking people. To be out of the protein-obsessed, SOFAS-saturated, madness, that is “regular” life, would be ideal. Having to fight, daily, against my people-pleasing nature and the whiny, stubborn people, who don’t want to give up their “comfort” tastes, for a whole-food, SOFAS-free diet, is EXHAUSTING (and a little depressing)!!! Thank-you, Chef AJ, for another amazing interview, with one of my heroes, too.💗. And, thank-you, Dr. Goldhamer, for your time.

  4. insalt54

    Exactly – about the food allergy process. Years ago I went through that. Removed everything and then added things back. When I was able to return to "regular" foods I didn't put pork, beef or fish back. I stayed on a gluten-free diet for about 3 months before moving back to more foods. Later, years later, I've come to the conclusion that I don't tolerate wheat very well. So I limit it.

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