Healthy Living LIVE! with Dr. Dana Simpler

Healthy Living LIVE! with Dr. Dana Simpler

DR. Dana Simpler is a board certified internist who gas practiced medicine for over 30 years in Baltimore, Maryland. After reading The China Study in 2011 she …


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  1. colonyofcells iamamachine

    For people who are not yet ready to go 100% vegan with b12 supplement, can follow the diet guide of Finland which has already been proven to reduce the incidence of heart disease for the whole country of finland so it is no joke:
    Harvard Healthy Eating Plate says to limit dairy which is linked to cancer.
    Japan has told seniors to cut down on salt such as miso to reduce strokes.

  2. Leslie Smith

    They told my grandma when she had cancer that she couldn't have any fresh fruits or vegetables because there might be bacteria on it and that she should only eat canned or processed food. It was so frustrating to watch her fade away when I had so many options she could've tried first.

  3. straightedge veganbel

    I really need some advice, i just found out i am deficient in iodine and my dr had never tested anyone before so she had no recommendation of what to do about it (I'm serious) how should i get my levels up, i do have all the symptoms, i can't believe she missed this and i had to insist she check it…i dont know what type, potassium iodide? Or survival sheild? How much to take? Any advice would be great because I'm going to do something

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