Healthy Living LIVE with Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Healthy Living LIVE with Dr. Joel Fuhrman

New York Times bestselling author Dr. Joel Fuhrman discusses his incredible new book, FAST FOOD GENOCIDE. You can preorder on Amazon to receive …


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  1. Maddie

    I love Dr. Fuhrman so much! I wish this book would be available in german though but I think I will buy it in english now anyways. It just sounds super interesting to read and I always learn something new from Dr. Fuhrman even though I study nutrition for myself since a long time.

  2. Mark Frank

    I love Dr. Fuhrman, and he makes a ton of sense, his most recent book "Fast Food Genocide" while a little too political for my likely is his best work as he said. His words are a calling to us all and should be required reading mainly to those in government who could create favorable laws to incent businesses locating in the inner city.

  3. Michajeru

    From a strictly scientific point of view everything Dr Fuhrman says is correct. However I find he is too extreme for the average person. I think Dr McDouglall presents a more balanced approach to a healthy and satisfying diet. For me it would be a pretty miserable life to restrict starchy foods on top of meat, fish, eggs and dairy. We definitely need to eat nutrient dense foods but we also need starchy foods in order to feel satisfied. Eating should be a joyous occasion.

  4. Eyelash40

    Such an excellent and empowering interview! Makes total sense too given how Dr. Fuhrman makes his knowledge so understandable. Thank you both. I have a question that relates to my son. I along with my husband and daughter have become vegan and SOS free, and we have seen and continue to see great results on many levels. My son who is 20 is very resistant, and in part because his level of addiction to processed foods and milk is so high. But my son is also very thin, and loses weight easily even as he eats meat, dairy, and processed foods. He is worried that going vegan will cause him to lose a lot more weight, make him less "attractive" to women and that he will have to eat a lot in order to get what he believes is the the high protein amount he gets from milk. Do you have any advice?

  5. Goals

    Thank you so much for having Dr. Fuhrman on your pod.  I have followed a Nutritarian lifestyle for many years and Dr. Fuhrman deserves all the success in the world for bravely taking on these fast food murderers.  Thank you Dr. Fuhrman and AJ.  Can you also address Type 1 diabetes.

  6. CARLA, The Health Ferret

    Dr. Fuhrman just blew me away with his statement about the wild predators. To summarize what I got from it, a lion that eats just enough when the food is scarce, it's brain will send a signal for it to live as long as possible for the survival of the lion and also for it's off spring. However, a lion who is over consuming, it's brain will send a signal for it to die earlier for the sake of the survival of the prey as well as the survival of the species that requires that prey to exist. This really explains why the greatest factor in longevity has been shown to be under eating. It may also show why eating meat itself is particularly dangerous.Does our brain think that we are predators that are over consuming meat; that need to die earlier for the sake of the survival of our species and the survival of our prey that we are eating? It also shows how symbiotic our relationship is with nature around us. This is absolutely fascinating!

  7. Sol Feinberg

    Oh, my God. Fuhrman on kids. That was so beautiful. I want my kids to fit in, speaking of krispy kremes at soccer games. Oh, that's a great way to parent. So, if they're all smoking and doing cocaine, do that too. Kids don't want to be ordered around, of course, that won't work. They want your time and love and to teach them / explain things to them. I was just dealing with this at Thanksgiving. And I was really wishing I could change my brothers and sisters and my parents, but I can explain to my kids. I also like Fuhrman saying I would never give out food – he didn't say healthy or unhealthy – but yo yo's can't raise objections. When he elaborates around 33:00, It's just beautiful.

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