Healthy Living LIVE with Dr. Nathan Gershfeld.

Healthy Living LIVE with Dr. Nathan Gershfeld.

Nathan Gershfeld, D.C. changed careers from an electrical engineer to a chiropractor. Following an internship under Dr. Alan Goldhamer, he joined the …


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  1. straightedge veganbel

    Dr. G, do you have any recommendations for someone who gets swollen legs, everyday my legs swell sometimes up to 2 inches…not so much my ankles, my abdomen may be part of this too, i always thought i wad just bloated but the swelling there coincides with my legs so? It's been several years of this, i eat a wfpb diet, and some stevia…i am not overweight, i work out everyday, i do suffer frome lazy colon and have constipation but that is not new and take miralax for it, it helps….could it be a deficiency?(protein) (I pretty much just eat vegetables and sweet potatos) i do take a vegan protein shake with 17 grams in it once in a while.
    Please lmk if you have any ideas, thank you…oh and yes i have seen a chiropractor.

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