Healthy Living LIVE with Dr. Vera Tarman on Food Addiction (part I)

Healthy Living LIVE with Dr. Vera Tarman on Food Addiction (part I)

Dr. Vera Tarman is the author of Food Junkies: The Truth about Food Addiction. Her website is



  1. Ix O

    I'm sugarfree since this year – and I feel like I will never ever go back again. It really ownes your mind, making you seek it over and over again. And just the first week was tough, from this it is all downhill. I still do fruit and dried fruit sometimes, occasionally raw vegan cakes (with dates and nuts too) and with those I feel safe – though I do feel how they tend to start draging me toward wanting to eat such foods more often. So it's really easier to just don't eat them or only enjoy them in small amounts only a few times a year.

  2. joanna Ou Mallon

    What if i told you I need to binge so much I eat kilos of carrots until I’m sick? I eat like you aj
    Only twice and no cramming but I get so sick I wanna die my stomach is so full I regurgitate for hours
    It doesn’t work
    I need medication
    I will try Prozac in a month and until then I’ll try nicotine gum

  3. Mittakali

    It's me again Chef AJ: Thank you for another lesson from an amazing person. Thank you Dr Tarman. AJ: I cannot express the gratitude from what I learned today – how to begin living without the (55+ years!! of) mental anguish over food addiction.

  4. SHERI

    Finally, validation… It seems soo silly to crave for days non stop, I thought I was the only one… The struggle is real.. It's just like she says, It takes over you're brain, & I can't think about anything else..

  5. Rosanne De

    Thanks AJ. I never heard Dr. Tarman before but really enjoyed this discussion. Like you AJ my brother died recently from food addiction. He was overweight his whole life, a big meat eater, and diabetic for many years. Ended up with liver cancer. He told me he thought he could change his diet to be more like mine but it was not worth it even knowing it would shorten his life. Similar to the situation with your brother. So difficult for people to change their behavior. 😢

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