Healthy Living LIVE with guest Mark Huberman – NHA President

Healthy Living LIVE with guest Mark Huberman – NHA President

Attorney Mark Huberman has adhered to a plant-based diet for all of his 67 years and credits his excellent health to the Sheltonian diet upon which he was …


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  1. Mittakali

    I have been subscribed to the Health Science quarterly for about two years. It is a wonderful high quality publication, and we get a truly personal experience as subscribers, from Mark. He personally thanks us subscribers! His enthusiasm is genuine, and I am grateful for him and for all of you who collaborate.

  2. colonyofcells iamamachine2

    It is probably debatable whether water only fasting is needed to have optimal health. Overstating the benefits of water only fasting is probably pseudoscience. The main argument for water only fasting was probably bec our ancestors had experienced food scarcity and famines. Based on blue zones, it seems great health is possible without water only fasting.

  3. colonyofcells iamamachine2

    My impression of natural hygiene is it has similarities to paleo in that it tried to promote the natural lifestyle and diet of our ancestors but it also had plenty of pseudoscience same as paleo. The main fallacy is about natural being optimal which is not always true, altho most people can be healthier eating natural unrefined foods. Our ancestors had a wide variety of natural diets in order to survive in particular environments so there is always plenty of debate about which of the many natural diets is better or optimal since all of the natural diets were not vegan and some were promoting vegan diets (hopefully they did not forget to tell vegans to take b12 supplements even though b12 supplements are not natural). There was probably also plenty of debate about whether cooking is natural and whether cooking is good or not.

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