Healthy Living Tips – Episode 1: Stress

Healthy Living Tips – Episode 1: Stress

Here’s the first of the episodes of the series. It’s a pretty big subject to tackle, and it was difficult to get it down to time, and I still didn’t get to talk about eveything I …


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  1. Maja D

    Alissa, can you do a video about your work (I know you now have other job, but do you still work from home like you did before?). Maybe you could also tell us how is your working day structured, that would be really really interesting! Take care! x

  2. Lizzy

    Great video- i agree with the exercise thing. I love swimming and would happily spend hours on end doing it whilst it also being a great form of exercise, on the other hand running on a treadmill makes makes me want to vomit and would probably have an even bigger negative effect on me than the exercise itself !

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