Healthy Living with Chef AJ – Guest: Csilla Veress, ND

Healthy Living with Chef AJ – Guest: Csilla Veress, ND

Dr. Csilla Veress is a Naturopathic primary care doctor. She graduated from Bastyr University with her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters of …


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  1. Eelke Aptroot

    Huge fan of intermittent fasting for months now it's sustainable, been experimenting with narrowing the feeding window for the last few weeks, from 8 to 6 hours I even tried 4, but then I can't seem to get enough calories in only 4 hours. I'm not trying to loose weight I had this infection swelling up my cheek, could be a root canal, not sure, but I think suppose I would have gotten medical advice about if I would have ended up on anti-biotics, last time that happened I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks, I can't loose 10lbs now. So I decided to try it and after 2 days the swelling dissappeared, after 2 weeks a muscle knot from physical trauma that was in my calf for probably over a year also came out. I had tried to eliminate it in the past by stretching and self massage, always unsuccesfull probably due to it being deep close to the bone and probably some nerve, cause going deep was painfull. Though I've thought about full-on waterfasting as an option or an interesting or spiritual experience in the past, I've never had the heart to try it. Probably cause the only 3 times I fainted this lifetime, was the result of eating an apple or less, in that case I never made it till past 4pm, likely cause I'd just go about my day. And I've done some research on waterfasting there are definite risks to unsupervised waterfasting, like a slowed metabolism and mineral inbalanced uppon refeeding, things I'm not really waiting for. I totally agree with Dr. Veress that just eating whole food plant-based SOS free is the best and most sustainable cleanse possible and will probably prevent the need for fasting or other medical interventions.

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