Healthy Living with Chef AJ – Guest: Doug Lisle, PhD

Healthy Living with Chef AJ – Guest: Doug Lisle, PhD

Douglas J. Lisle, Ph.D., is the founder of a new method of approaching human psychology and wellbeing. He describes this approach as Esteem Dynamics – its …


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  1. Jennifer Gilchrist

    Chef AJ, I know that real, whole plant based food is best. However I have a finicky stomach at times and though hungry, don't have the energy to digest lots of fiber rich veggies. What is your take and/or recommendation for a plant based, sugar free protein powder as a meal replacement? Thank you!

  2. Georganne Collett

    This is going to sound dreadful…but i dont mean it to be 😐….With regard to physical ugliness…i really believe the older one gets the more attractive the ugly get….and the plainer the young beautiful ones

    Its like everyone looks pretty good to me the older they are..
    And i have found others believe this too

    Its like age is the great equalizer

    Plus of course …when someone loves you…falls in love with you….your worst physical features seem to be overlooked or endearing….you love them no matter what….people may be attracted at first bc of physical appearance but not always…many meet over a phone line…or online…get to love the person BEFORE you meet

    Anyway i hope that helps someone..somewhere

  3. V J

    he doesn't believe that people who were molested that they use fat as an armor to not be attractive to prevent unwanted touching???
    He said that others want to touched thin folks are more.
    And although attractiveness does not lead to sexual abuse.
    We all in this culture know about fatnesses and attractiveness being desired, so its ridiculous to think that people may not try to be unattractive to prevent further abuse.

  4. Michael Crosby

    I wish those who downvoted had to make a comment and I could go to that section and read them. I'd find that very interesting.

    AJ, thanks again for this. Very appreciative.

    This video is very deep. The internal self, the internal audience and the ego trap, having to deal with the pleasure trap around us. That Freudian excuses are BS. Also loved that the pleasure trap foods are addictive, but nothing like alcohol, cigarettes or heroin.

    One thing I don't understand with AJ. She seems to intimate that if one fails and succumbs to the pleasure trap, it'll take 3 days to get back on track. Dr Lisle says one can get back on track within an hour. My experience is along Dr Lisle's thinking.

    I do succumb to the Pleasure Trap, and honestly, it doesn't bother me. I admire AJ for having an A+ WOE, but I do have friends totally living in the Pleasure Trap and I go to dinner with them and if I have a couple of french fries, I'm just not that bothered by it. I easily transition back to eating WFPB. It's eating with friends out, that is my small downfall, but for me, it's small and I can deal with it.

    I agree, Doug Lisle is our Dr Semmelweis.

  5. Patsy Deery

    I'm not sure I agree that our perception of weight is genetically hard wired. The ideal weight, size and shape is purely a social construct, many African and Polynesian cultures value what we would call fat bodies. Many paintings in Western culture depict a historical view of women who are large, voluptuous and considered the ideal. Even models during the 1950's were a lot heavier than the standard catwalk ideal of today. The BMI is vastly incorrect in establishing a normal ideal across a vast differing population and many people considered overweight on the BMI scale are extremely fit and healthy. This works at both ends of the scale, for example to be told that an ideal bmi of 18-25 is desirable could be dangerously thin for some. In fact 18 is bordering on Anorexia, even treatment centres consider a bmi of at least 19 as safer in terms of cognitive function.

    Many people who are naturally large, not obese, not addicts are made to feel wrong and this is where the culture of thin has become extreme and as damaging as being obese. It's really time to challenge this construct and there has to be a better understanding of health at any size and as Dr Lisle termed to kick back and challenge the attitude of fattism.

  6. Dorians mom

    I find this podcast rather confusing, or else kind of offensive. There seems to be a pervasive belief that binge eating disorder, or food addictions, or whatever you want to call it, centers around junk. This is garbage. I don't get full. Ever. Even when I'm full, I'm not full. I can eat pounds and pounds of broccoli, or pounds and pounds of brussels sprouts, just like I can eat an entire loaf of bread or an entire package of pasta with marinara. It doesn't matter what the food is, I eat and eat because i simply don't feel full or full enough to stop. I follow Dr. McDougall so I eat the healthiest food on Earth. I wish, just once, people can look at binge eating as a mental illness, or a behavioral issue, and nothing to do with the food, and address the process of resolving it as mental health.

  7. Letha Anderson

    Great video. I loved it when Dr. Lisle talked about the rats putting up their middle finger to the researchers. One of my favorite parts of the "Pleasure Trap" is a reference to rats.
    From page 81 of the paperback:

    "Many authorities assume that weight management is 'psychological.' It is often stated that one must learn to set the fork down between each bite of food or remain calm so as not to eat for 'emotional' reasons. However, the evidence strongly suggests that subtle psychological mechanisms are not the key to weight management. Rats will maintain ideal weight under all sorts of stressful conditions, if eating a healthy rat chow. However, if bread and chocolate are available as desired, the average rat will increase its body weight in fat by 49 percent within just sixty days."

  8. Jay Cee

    I'm a fat girl, have been my whole life, but I have never in my experience, had a problem in getting dates, or having boyfriends. In fact, I've had to beat them off with a stick at times! LOL. My husband is gorgeous, and a wonderful man (very thin – I never seem to have ever been with men who had weight problems). BUT, I have to say that my self esteem in the workforce, has always taken a hit, and I hold myself back from achieving all that I want to achieve. I truly believe that all stems from my body image, and feeling "not good enough or deserving enough". Being overweight/obese, truly does impact on our achievements and our driving force. In general, if you are feeling exhausted or deflated all the time, how on earth would you feel motivated to accomplish all of your dreams, project ideas, or go on adventures that you envision for yourself?

  9. 2winlock

    ' this behavior is not related to our childhood issues… this is an independent, automated, gene driven decision making system just like breathing …..because of the artificial foods in our environment. That is what it is~…You are looking in the wrong place'
    Honestly I don't EVER think about my past when I am over indulging. I am just simply caught in the 'Pleasure Trap'. Thank you Dr. Lisle for removing the mystic and the excuse

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