Healthy Living with Chef AJ – Guest: Dr. Columbus Batiste, MD

Healthy Living with Chef AJ – Guest: Dr. Columbus Batiste, MD

Columbus Batiste, MD, FACC, FSCAI, is the Chief of Cardiology at Kaiser Permanente Riverside and Moreno Valley Medical Centers. He completed his …


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  1. michboyd10

    I'm happy to hear this discussion. I'm wondering if many doctors will feel this way – knowing that fewer ppl will mean fewer patients and affect their bottom line. Is there a way to achieve health and drive doctors to encourage this lifestyle knowing that this (may) affect their bottom line. Is this a conversation that needs to be had?

  2. paula brown

    One of your best Healthy Living videos that I've watched. Dr. Batiste conveys his knowledge and mission in a personable way that draws one in so as not to miss anything. With doctors like him it gives me hope for the medical profession.

  3. Lauren Meyer

    As I sat in the hospital cafeteria today, I wondered how I could go about implementing just one line in the cafeteria that would showcase whole, plant based foods! And how could the word be spread within the hospital setting? The food choices were horrific, for breakfast especially.

  4. Heidi Hanz

    Wonderful interview. Sobering to hear we all might have already had a heart incident. I know it isn't the usual first step, but I am working on making my living space clean and tranquil. This makes meal prep easier. I am doing more plant based. Thank you!

  5. Michael Crosby

    I would bet Dr Dan is like 99% of all heart surgeons. It's not about the health of the patient, but more about the doctor's income, job, what have you. It's disgusting and these are supposedly some of the brightest minds swearing a fiduciary duty for our health. More like the hypocrite oath instead of the Hippocratic oath. These are our lives that are in the hands of these people.

    PS. Chef AJ, you need a driver to come out to Riverside, I'll be your chauffeur.

    PSS. Sorry about my rant. The answer is most doctors don't really know the power of nutrition. My gripe is that this is their field of study and they should know about the overwhelming evidence of a plant based diet.

  6. Philip Parker

    Excellent interview. I tried to get my wife an appointment with Dr Batiste when my wife was taken to ER for a heart issue and we could not get an appointment with him. I appreciated him sharing that she could do a video consultation with him.

  7. Mittakali

    Chef AJ – regarding your comment at the end about are you making a difference … you are. Don't give up. And thanks so much Dr. Batiste for sharing your approach to a plant-based life. Chef AJ, you interview these wonderful professionals – they each have a unique lesson for us. I am so grateful.

  8. G Kuljian

    As someone who worked in cardiology, this is so satisfying. I was in on some of the first angioplasties. The big study was whether surgical or medical was more effective. What I want to say is that if doctors are nervous prescribing plant based diet as therapy/recovery, they should have been far more nervous cutting and medicating. Also, the last time I saw my chief of cardiology I didn't even recognize him he was so sick and different looking. I was in the checkout at the grocers. But I heard his voice, and knew it was him. We were so in the dark.

  9. Elena H

    AJ this was an amazing interview. This one is definitely one of my absolute favorites. With all of the heart disease in my family, it just confirms that I made the right choice with this lifestyle. Thank you for all you do AJ. AND . Bravo Dr. Batiste!!! Loved everything you said!, Thank you for what you do!!

  10. Bella Australia

    Its totally amazing that so many Qualified Medical Doctors are sticking their neck out and saying these things in public, refreshing and wonderful. They cant all get run out of the country, lose their medical licence or get knocked off by Big Pharma and the Huge Food manufacturers like in the past. We can all spread the word.

  11. SNAP Vegan

    Excellent interview. Thank you. Please speak with Dr Choi (my cardiologist) at Lutheran Medical Group, Fort Wayne, IN who continues to insist that olive, coconut and vegetable oils are healthy. Also, the Cardiologists at Parkview Health System here in Ft Wayne, sponsor HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) classes and give their patients recipes WITH OIL IN IT.

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