Healthy Living with Chef AJ – Guest: JL Fields

Healthy Living with Chef AJ – Guest: JL Fields

JL Fields is the founder and culinary director of the Colorado Springs Vegan Cooking Academy. She is a vegan lifestyle coach & educator, Food for Life …


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  1. The Kist Vegan 92

    Hi there Chef AJ. I watched this interview filled with great information..I had no idea of what a air fryer is or was. After watching this I went to Amazon and I bought one. I have been using it for 4 days now..I am vegan, but. the cravings for french fries cooked in oil has continued to be an issue. So that was my motivation for buying this equipment.. OMG what a great product.. Ill never fry my potatoes or any of my food again!! I will be purchasing JL Fields cook book next so I can learn how to cook more than french I love this product (GOWISE BRAND) and am so glad I don't have to use oil as a cooking medium any longer.

  2. Carol Sue Lawson

    I use my air fryer in the middle of my washing machine. I don't have to worry about my kitchen cabinets getting too messy that way. When I get my Instant Pot, it will be used there as well. I now love my air fryer. When I first got it, I was afraid of using it more than 10 minutes. lol

  3. Melanie G

    Please give specifics about how you cook mushrooms and ears of corn in your air fryer? What temperature and for how long for each of those….that corn looks AMAZING – I assume you shuck the corn first then just put in the whole ears…any info you could provide would be so very appreciated! I have met JL in person — I am one of the lucky ones who lives in Colorado Springs!

  4. J Harden

    Good news for Instant Pot owners who also have an air fryer. You don't need to get separate accessories! All those 7" pans and dishes that you use with the IP will also work with the air fryer. I do recommend a small rack, if one didn't come with your air fryer. You can lay it over small items or things that have a tendency to fly around — like kale chips. Most air fryers will go low enough in temperature (my Brio is 105F-350F) to do small batch dehydrating. Lay the rack on top of the small pieces of food or herbs to keep them in place without interrupting air flow.

  5. Sandra K

    I just went to amazon and got the go wise airfryer and JL air fryer book, I can't wait…….after your last video I got her instant pot book and LOVE IT, so I know this one will be fantastic too. Thank you so much ladies for sharing this info!!! 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚

  6. The Kist Vegan 92

    Chef AJ you do such a good job at getting interesting people to interview. I have learned so much by watching your channel. My life has forever changed since finding you on line. I met, and spoke to you for a short moment at Veg Fest in LA. You mentioned that there was a Conference coming up in August (I cant remember the exact date, or place-Sacramento?) with Colin Campbell and other influential presenters.. I would love to attend-I'm not sure where to find that important info so I don't miss it.

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