Healthy Living with Chef AJ – Guest: Kathy Hester

Healthy Living with Chef AJ – Guest: Kathy Hester

Kathy Hester is the creator of the blog Healthy Slow Cooking and her recipes have been featured in The Washington Post, The Oregonian and Yoga Journal and …


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  1. Seamus Warren

    I'm seeking an Indian/Vedic plant-based cooking app. for iOS so I can mount the device displaying the recipe recipe to a kitchen cupboard to free-up bench space in my moderate kitchen. 🙂

    I've been using the Forks Over Knives app. which is pretty good because it can compile a shopping list for you but I wouldn't mind more Indian and Moroccan recipes.

    I removed and disposed of the oil/fat in my kitchen except the sesame and in my limited experience, fat-free pressure-cooked meals are as good or even superior in flavour. I certainly don't feel I am missing out.

  2. Kimberlee Gibson

    Great interview with Kathy. I have her book – ordered it with my Instant Pot back in April. I have tried several recipes from the book and they have all been good. The Black Bean Quinoa Burgers are the best! Even my meat eating husband loved them – it makes a lot and you can freeze them.
    I want to Thank You Chef AJ for inspiring me to order the Instant Pot from several of your videos that I watched. It makes cooking healthy so much easier – I have even ordered one for my Dad for Father's Day.

  3. D. Bert Rand

    Love Kathy Hester – adaptable, open and realistic in her approach to recipes. Chef AJ – i love you lots and just got Unprocessed to read in book form. Next step to join the program. Soja is big deterent for me and gluten as well. Thank you for the series and all the work you do. I would love if you would come to Vancouver Island one day for demos.

  4. Marge Teilhaber

    That was G R E A T. Kathy is fantastic and Chef AJ, you're just the best. I still haven't gotten an IP!! Leaning towards the 8 quart but now I thinking should I get the new model IP that's just being released? Would I prefer the 6 quart? It's just me. I cook mostly for me, freeze everything, make bone broth, so maybe the 8 quart. I've got to decide! But one thing is certain and that is that I'll be buying Kathy Hester's new book and yours, too, Chef AJ. I've just got to do it already!

  5. Dawn Simpson

    I have that stackable insert and love it! Last night I did quinoa in the bottom one, and I threw a combo of green peas and cauli rice in the top one (with one of those adjustable metal steamers sitting in it). The book has been added to my amazon wishlist!

  6. 7peacefrog

    I love you Chef AJ and also Kathy Hester, and I have 2 of her cookbooks (The Easy Vegan and The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook for Your Instant Pot) It's nice to have the twick in her books 🙂 I would love to see a online class Thank you Chef AJ I wanted to find out how to be on the taster group, I would like to be? and we have also been looking into a air fryer too! It is 1 in the morning and I am loving to watch you both Thank you for doing this and sharing so much

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