Healthy Living with Chef AJ – Guest Suzanne Smith

Healthy Living with Chef AJ – Guest Suzanne Smith

Suzanne Smith is a Family Nurse Practitioner at UCLA where she is involved in Mind-Brain-Body research and co-facilitates MBSR for a research study.


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  1. Ellie Dixon

    Well done! Interesting and timely subject. Some may like to know that here in Sun City Hilton Head, a new resident (Judy Owen) has been offering courses in mindful being. We took the four-session course and came away with much of what you are discussing here. Mindfulness is amazing as is the Plant-based lifestyle. By the way Chef AJ, your visit here was very welkcomed by our residents. Hope we see you here again.

  2. Char Covelesky

    Great interview, loved it! I agree the whole phone thing is negatively affecting people, it is so ironically isolating and boxes people off from their life and surroundings. I loved what you said about pets, they are such great role models for living in the moment! When my crazy cute cat wants to play, he pulls me out of my self imposed doldrums and into his happy little world, a much nicer place to be. He is quite the comedian and I am convinced he is most persistent when those unhelpful thoughts are spinning on, and demands I also be present to cherish the moment. I am his pet!

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