Healthy Living with Chef AJ Season 1 Episode 5 – John Joseph

Healthy Living with Chef AJ Season 1 Episode 5 – John Joseph

Chef AJ brings in John Joseph from the Cromags to speak about his story and help her prepare Cole’s creamy cauliflower soup, a breakfast cafloutis, and some …


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  1. Lori Hoban

    I ordered the insta pot online but you only get a $10 discount with AJs name, not $50.   Plus your local Walmart now carries the 6 quart for around $69.  Wish I had done that.   I ordered mine on the 2nd and it hasn't even shipped yet and it's the 8th.   So you may want to pick one up locally instead of ordering online.   Disappointed.   I'm waiting and waiting and waiting.  LOL

  2. Angie L

    Fabulous looking recipes!! so much thanks!  I'm going to make this soup asap!!! YES!! NOM NOM!!

    Chef AJ — can you tell me how long and at what temp to bake the oat and fruit recipe, it does not seem to say in the video.    Thank you so much.

  3. Annette Fowler

    I love EVERYTHING to do with Chef Aj and this episode had me in stitches 🙂  And again, I have to say… Please see what you can do to get the Create TV channel to carry this!!!! They already carry your cooking show with Robin Shea and the Taste This! TV show….. please, please, please…. Do WHATEVER you have to do in order to get them to carry Healthy Living With Chef Aj show!!! Please and thank you  😉

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