Healthy Living with Dr. Vera Tarman (part II)

Healthy Living with Dr. Vera Tarman (part II)

Dr. Vera Tarman is the author of Food Junkies:The Truth About food Addiction. Her website is


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  1. lydiaD777

    I agree about clean environments being crucial to success. I was able to control my eating so much better when I lived alone, versus when my partner moved in with me. He follows a vegan diet, but he has weaknesses too.

  2. Susan Johnston

    I know that you wish you had been trained as a medical doctor, but please know that you have already saved and impacted so many lives. The famous radio psychotherapist David Viscott often said that: “The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.” Looks like you are good to go on both counts. I wish that Dr. Tarman could use Calorie Density to help herself and her clients instead of the weighing and measuring. Your approach is so much more empowering.

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