Healthy Living withChef AJ – LIVE with Dr. Pam Popper

Healthy Living withChef AJ – LIVE with Dr. Pam Popper

In this lively conversation I interview Dr. Pam Popper, the founder of Wellness Forum Health in Columbus Ohio and the author of Food Over Medicine. For more …



  1. Kelly Zadow

    I loved everything you both discussed in this video! Thank you for your words of wisdom. I am following you and appreciate all you are offering to our health. I especially appreciated the discussion about how intolerant many people are in discussing an opposing opinion…and that you are not asking permission to take care of yourself, or looking for approval for your plan. You are taking charge of your health and doing what works for you. We are all more alike than we are different and if we supported and listened to each other more then we could solve many more issues within our communities, as well as with our mental and physical health. Thank you!

  2. Michael Wickler

    I practice Bikram Yoga every day, have been to a dozen studios large and small, and my teachers donโ€™t stare into space, they watch out for and correct important situations with individuals. The dialogue keeps priorities in check to develop postures correctly and safely. I donโ€™t think itโ€™s the be-all end-all and I also practice vinyasa and yin, but itโ€™s a genius series, a smart strategic collection of original hatha yoga used to treat conditions for several thousand years, itโ€™s a healing modality. I liked the discussion about tolerance and judgement, among other things.

  3. Rosa Patrinostro

    Chef AJ, your message resonates so much with me. I want to look and feel like you soon. I bought your book and I should be getting it tomorrow. I gave up meat and dairy about a month ago, now I will be incorporating your program. I feel better already and am looking forward to feeling awesome! I look forward to taking some of your online cooking classes. Hello from Ontario, Canada ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Nobody

    The obsession with nutrition perfection in the plant placed movement can really turn people away, I just eat whatever I want, I'm doing the danial fast without the oil, unfortunately Dr Greggor brought this rice issue up a while back, so I had to stop watching him for a while, we have to be able to relax.

  5. Andy Levy-Stevenson

    I'm a big fan of both Chef AJ and Pam Popper, and as always there's some great information here.

    But that covert swipe at Michael Greger at around 15 minutes was petty and uncalled for. His work has helped many people take control of their health, and his book How Not To Die is absolutely vital. His rigorous approach to nutritional science, and his ability to present nutrition research accurately, approachably, and in context, deserve better than that petty comment from Pam Popper.

  6. woollyprimate

    I love chef AJ and all the plants based gurus, but I usually have a small quibble with things that each of them says. And as a patient with Hashimoto's, and who takes natural dessicated thyroid, I have to say that I was disappointed with the misinformation being bandied about in this video. Some people cannot convert T4 to T3 and natural dessicated thyroid also containesT2, T1, and calcitonin. Some people on T4 only meds with excellent blood tests still feel terrible. Once they go on dessicated thyroid, it's like night and day. Check out Stop the Thyroid Madness.

  7. Angelicatoo

    I dont see the difference between the doctor who freezes his cashews so he doesnt eat them and the person earlier on in the conversation who wouldnt touch balsamic incase it made them binge. Why would that person need cognitive therapy but the people who control nuts dont?

  8. Judi Carvell

    This video was awesome, love both of you ladies. Since having my own astounding results of going plant based last year, and loosing 100lbs, I am now enrolling into cooking and nutritional classes. I love eating this way, and I have never felt better, now all I need to do is finish my classes and turn my passionbingo full time work. Thanks again ladies, both of you are an inspiration! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Maureen K

    Also, from the age of 11 to 25 I battled weight gain. Then I started to gain more weight in my 40's but since about 50 I've lost weight because I was exercising and eating carefully to avoid migraines. Since eating like Chef AJ I have lost more weight and am at 118lbs on 5'5".

  10. Maureen K

    Just eat like Chef AJ as I try to do and I now have no trouble keeping weight off and I am 65. Since making a habit of eating 1 or 2 pounds of greens for my first meal of the days I really have no trouble staying on her ultimate weight loss diet. I only do 16 minutes of high intensity interval exercise (Dr Mercola demonstrates this on a youtube video). I do 16 minutes of jogging on alternate days and 16 minutes of kettlebells: You Tube: Kettlebell HIIT Workout – Fitness Blender HIIT Kettlebell Training (This is a great workout. Sometimes I only do the kettlebell portion if I don't have enough time).

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