Healthy Meals & Beautiful Ireland | Food Diary Friday! | Melanie Murphy

Healthy Meals & Beautiful Ireland | Food Diary Friday! | Melanie Murphy

It’s Food Diary Friday time again! An insight into my healthy, balanced diet after recovering from eating disorders 🙂 Thumbs up if you enjoy these! ▻ Follow me …


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  1. anita dutoit

    at the moment ilm obsessed with Pronutro (it's a breakfast porridge) unfortunately it's only available in South Africa but I ate it when I was child and recently rediscovered it and I just canlt get enough. they have chocolate, strawberry, banana and the original which I haven't tried

  2. bex Anthony

    I loved it as always Melanie but would not eat that biscuit or yogurt because I am not aloud to as the doctors have said it is bad for me but will try and eat something's like a version of the paella u had love from bex Anthony xxxxx

  3. Sarah marinkovich-durfee

    I would love if you did a tour around the area that you live. It is so cool to be able to see different areas around the world. Before I got married I used to travel a lot… And the best part of that is getting to know more about the people in areas of this world rather than just staying in our own little bubble 😄

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