Healthy, Priced, Full Day of Eating.

Healthy, Priced, Full Day of Eating.

Hey guys, this FDOE has a bonus! All of the food is priced, and it comes out to a wopping 15 dollars after averaging it all out. I hope you find some cheap ideas …


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  1. B Blue

    My father said you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap, your not going to get much, so that’s what you should expect. The price of clean, high nutritious living is costly but one thing about me is getting big portions for energy that would last. Some years ago I tried doing some diced tomato, beans, rice thing and I couldn’t take a walk, the energy left me feeling light headed so I would have to see about having servings that have more. Incorporating this is a mountain, and I’m at the bottom looking up lol. Thanks for giving perspective on this. I spend money carelessly sometimes but with this I would have to just find an amount and routine that I can get into. Summer, thank you for sharing. I can relate on the part where you struggled keeping on muscle. I’m a hard gainer and I burn calories kind of quick so I can totally understand that.

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