Healthy Recipe by Nutri Ninja® | Ginger Greens Drink

Healthy Recipe by Nutri Ninja® | Ginger Greens Drink

Create this easy, delicious and healthy blender recipe with the Nutri Ninja®. Watch as whole fruits and vegetables are perfectly blended in seconds to create a …


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  1. verty

    I just purchased the nutri ninja auto iq and used it for the first time. I tried to make a green smoothie similar to this and added a similar amount of ginger… and my god, it totally spoilt the taste!! It was very peppery and had a burnt taste to it. When I removed the blade the juice smelt absolutely disgusting.. I’m really disappointed in my first attempt. Has anyone had any experience with a burnt taste from these units?

  2. LadyMaltese

    Love my Nutri Ninja but I purchased the stainless steel travel mug to transport my smoothies. Saves wear and tear on the plastic jars. I love this device and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to add more good stuff to their diet.


    I got a ninja blender for Christmas. I had to strain the ginger out of my drink. Maybe cause its not a nutra. Its the IQ one. Leaves chunks and doesn't do nice cream as well as the original ninja. I had that for 5 years before I worked it to death. Lol

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