Healthy Routine for a Busy Lifestyle | Simple Hacks and Tips

Healthy Routine for a Busy Lifestyle | Simple Hacks and Tips

This video is sponsored by 8fit. Hi loves! As you know I love sharing my tips and tricks for making healthy living simpler! If you have …


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  1. Lulu Pigot

    I can't get the premium subscription from 8fit with the link 🙁 It just tells me to sign up and pay the normal fee
    But (like always) amazing video 🙂 You seem like such anice and caring person, it must be so fun being your friend lol

  2. Natalie Furtado

    Valeria I love love your channel but I do feel like you are starting to focus your videos on promoting your sponsored products 🙁 I think the products are great but your own original life hacks seemed to be more you and more genuine and more relateable. Still love it, but hear me

  3. Stephanie Gosman

    I was super nauseous the whole first trimester and had to take time off working out. I usually am hard core at the gym and yoga. Good to hear I'm not the only one who had to stop. Second trimester I started doing Barre classes b/c other than the ab portion, there's a lot you can do pregnant. It's mostly squats, weights for arms, etc. Check that out. Nausea and diet was really hard for me. I've been eating way more carbs than I usually do. I'd love to hear more tips on diet while pregnant etc. Oh and anything about swollen ankles would be great. haha.

  4. Danniela Silva

    I'm a little bit offended, the link doesn't work… The app doesn't give a "free trial" for Valeria's followers. And when we ask for answers, Valeria just "like" the comments which says that she's beautiful or she is doing a great job… But… She doesn't reply the any of our questions! Uuuuugggghhhh

  5. Haslina Hasbi

    Last night I played a "know-yourself" quiz with my housemate and 1 of the questions was "Who inspires you?". And my answer, straight away, Valeria Lipovetsky. Why? Bcs she's married w a lovely man, with 2 beautiful sons, and another one is coming to the world, and she's such a loving mom, a very busy woman, but rly knows how to juggle between family n work. Most importantly, she inspires me to be a more positive person. Xoxo valeria ❤

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