Healthy & Sugar Free Chocolate Recipee | Anti Ageing | Tastes Amazing | Ready In 5 Minutes!

Healthy & Sugar Free Chocolate Recipee | Anti Ageing | Tastes Amazing | Ready In 5 Minutes!

You must try this healthy, anti Ageing – Hormone Balancing – Guilt Free – sugar free – Chocolate! It really does taste Amazing and its so easy to make – it will …


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  1. Terri Sweeney

    These sound AMAZING!! I look forward to making them. You posted other sweeteners to use and one of them was maple syrup, but there was no mention on how much to put in!! I would like to try it with maple syrup, so was wondering how much to use? Thank you so much for sharing yourself and all your good healthy foods and other tips!

  2. Car Boz

    Do you have a recipe for low income people, who just can't afford high priced health food store items?  I'm 50+ and I love chocolate, but I can't afford the products you mentioned in your recipe.  Cheers!

  3. Angel Rocky

    I have made a similar treat but I don't mix everything together. I pour some of the chocolate mixture into mold; freeze it, top with cashew butter then pour more chocolate mixture and back into the freezer.
    I want to try your recipe however, I can't have any alcohol sugars. I do have chocolate stevia drops I use. How many drops do you recommend?
    I may try the date paste as well.
    Thanks! Love your videos❤

  4. sks bc

    I swear by organic Maca and have 5 1-lb bags of it in my nutrition/smoothy making drawer. It really is a miracle worker when it comes to hormonal imbalances and keeps me calm/cool and collected all the time! 🙂
    I tried your broccoli sprouts (frozen) today and WOW does that work! I'll be growing them regularly from now on 🙂 I also drink my collagen powder in dandelion/burdock root detox tea…. it keeps my skin, hair and nails really nice.

  5. Loreal

    I just made a batch of this and LOVE, LOVE it!!! It was rather messy but I just took my finger, wiped up the spill and licked off. The silicone forms I used were fancy ones so going to get the ice cube ones so can make them somewhat smaller…. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. carrie snow

    I am a new subscriber and LOVE your videos! I would like to try this but I can't add the maca. I took maca supplements for a few months last year to hopefully help with my PMS symptoms. I slowly realized that I had gained weight..especially in my butt. I was so upset that I threw the rest out after finding the term "maca butt" on Google. Some people take the supplement in order to increase their butt size! Obviously it doesn't do that for everyone but my little experiment didn't work out the way I hoped.

  7. Fay buchen

    This is now made weekly at my home . My daughter put a piece in her oatmeal . Because of the coconut oil it melt and she said it adds so much flavor. She is 21. I eat chocolate everyday . Now this has replaced all my sweets . Thanks you much .
    I also have all the woman I work with on B3.. since taking B3 my arthritis has left me…

  8. Anita Rickey

    Love your video’s Schelea. I love your ideas and your recipes. I also love the fact that this is a vegan recipe . I would just watch the oil content as despite all the push for oil or keto diet, processed oils are not beneficial for our health. I strongly suggest you watch the documentary, “Forks Over Knives,” as it will explain. I work with a doctor and a nutritionist who travel to symposiums areound the world and they have the lastest nutrition advice and oil isnt beneficial.

  9. Melissa Culpepper

    I noticed you added a liquid but it’s not mentioned or written. How much liquid? I went ahead and used some coconut water I had until it was pourable. OMG!!! The mixture tastes amazing! Thank you for this fabulous alternative to a junky treat!💕💕✨✨💕

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