HEALTHY vegetarian recipes – Peanut Masala Paneer | HEALTHY Paneer Recipes for BODYBUILDING

HEALTHY vegetarian recipes – Peanut Masala Paneer | HEALTHY Paneer Recipes for BODYBUILDING

LATEST in my HEALTHY VEGETARIAN RECIPES series. High protein vegetarian recipes – PANEER PEANUT masala ! Perfect food for BODYBUILDING and …


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  1. Vaishali Tyagi

    just wanna say that I am watching this channel since months but for all those time, I was just watching and doing nothing.
    I came here in Riyadh in 2014 when my weight was 56kgs. I was not thin or skinny at that time but nearly in 1 year I did put on lot of weight and in 2015 my weight was around 70kgs and In 2016 my weight was around 80kgs, bcoz of no physical activity. bcoz here in Saudi Arabia girls cant go outside without their parents. so by sitting all the time I school and then in home during studies I became so fat.  I was so disappointed with my body. And I was so confused and depressed that I neglected my weight and health and started eating too much. But in January 2017 me and my family went for shopping, there  I liked many dresses but didn't buy them bcoz they weren't of my size, every dress was short for me. that whole night I cried a lot bcoz I was feeling so exhausted and depressed about my body. then I started to research about loosing weight and I took very long time to get all the information. then I found many useful channels and beerbiceps is one of those. I started following this channel and this channel has changed my life. In march I started my weight loss journey and I have lost around 8.5kgs in past two months and the progress is going on, with the help of information that I gained from this channel.  As explained by you I totally focused on fat loss and not on weight loss. I really really wants to thank you beerbiceps from the bottom of my heart. at last all those people who are trying to loose fat, I want to say that believe in yourself yes you can loose fat. I also know a useful channel fitnessBlenders, they post a variety of exercises and workouts that you guys can try out. good luck to all the people trying to loose weight.

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