Heart-Healthy Stir-Fry Recipe : Healthy & Delicious Meals

Heart-Healthy Stir-Fry Recipe : Healthy & Delicious Meals

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  1. Khadija Laurent

    In a sauté/fry pan, on  high heat, add extra virgin coconut oil and allow to get hot. Vegetables should sputter when dropped in.  For the flavor base, add sliced onion, a clove of sliced garlic, then thinly sliced ginger. These aromatics create a base of flavor. Next, add vegetables according to cooking time-broccoli, then oval sliced (on the bias) carrots, sliced shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce, equal amt organic apple juice (does not have ref sugar). Take off heat. Add toasted sesame oil. Toss in and stir cashews. 

    These are my cooking notes I thought I'd share. Copy, paste and edit as you wish. Bon appetite!

  2. jamie c

    How not to get fat lol >.> you can be skinny and unhealthy on the inside so I guess that's a different term. However oil is fat lots of it all calories from fat. 3 tablespoons about 350 calories of fat which was added. Plus cashews are mostly all fat for one oz its 150 fat. Yes healthy fats better than bad but that doesn't mean its good to eat it instead. Fat is still fat. So just for the oil and nuts its 500 fat calories. There are 563 calories in a big mac so this meals comparable only there's only 297 calories of fat in the big mac. So theirs more fat in these vegetables but a guess you get more vitamins doesn't make it better fat wise. Lord I could have made a huge pot of veggies for that much oil.

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