HISTORY OF IDEAS – The Renaissance

HISTORY OF IDEAS – The Renaissance

The Renaissance is a historical period with some important lessons to teach us about how to improve the world today. We need to study it not for its own sake, …


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  1. JavierCR25

    We like to pride ourselves as a species and say that we've evolved so much due to our technology, yet all we see is people getting dumber by the minute and most people use technology to spread idiocy and believe it. We live in crowded dirty cities and admire pretentious unaccomplished people such as reality tv "stars", cheap socialites or "artists" who have zero relevance to the art world. I thank TSOL for giving us these great videos and actually using technology to spread knowledge and a beautiful new look on the old ways.

  2. Shashvat Shukla

    I learnt that in the Renaissance artists were sort of focused on doing things for the good of society, led partly by rich visionaries who could fund the operations.
    I think the message of the video is one that this channel has mentioned in other videos: that we need to use art and the humanities to make our lives and societies better. The channel (and The School of Life) itself is also an attempt in exactly this direction.

  3. Falcon X

    There were probably rich nasty child rapists who roamed around freely. The good thing is the ideas and inventions but bad things are torture, extortion, rich/poor divide and rape/molestation. But thank you that I live in this modern era. Back then I would probably be a slave or tortured or maybe even molested. Nasty.

  4. Nik K

    I think this video has given a bit of a simplistic view when it compares the architecture of today and then. Yes, a lot of buildings now are conventionally ugly, but their architects reasoned that we don't need to spend millions of pounds on extravagant fountains or fancy sculptures on the wall

  5. I'm Blue

    when i was 12 i had a hard time understanding why greatest artists in history are so obsessed with naked people.
    now i understand they're not just 'naked', but i'm still having a hard time why millenials make songs about butts.

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