Holiday (1938)

Holiday (1938)

A delightful comedy with all the sophistication that Cukor could muster, the famous Barry play is enhanced by the fine talents of Hepburn and Grant. She’s a rich …



  1. Timothy Robbins

    You couldn't find a bigger Hepburn fan of Grant fan. Imagine how much I enjoy the four movies they made together. At the moment though, I'm thinking about one of the secondary characters — Ned. I'm embarrassed to say it wasn't until the 10th or 12th viewing that I noticed the nearly certain subtext — Ned's sexuality. Now in my head there's a epilogue in which Linda keeps her word, rescues Ned, who ultimately finds a Johnny of his own.

  2. Adamtv

    Great to see a little of what Cary Grant did before he became "Cary Grant". He worked in a circus for a time and did all types acts, from juggling to comedy bits to acrobatics.

    I really like this movie, it's a gem that I don't hear brought up to much when speaking about his top movies. He had a range and great depth to him that is surprising to find when discovering all what he did. His comedies are my favorite to see him do. He had no fear and jumped right into it, whatever he needed to do to sell the bit. And he did as well as anybody.

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