Homemade Dog food Recipe – Vegan/Plant-based

Homemade Dog food Recipe – Vegan/Plant-based

Many people have requested I show how I make my vegan dog food, so here it is. *I like to use as much organic as possible* -2-3 SWEET POTATOES -2 CUPS OATS (I get gluten free) -2 CUPS SHORT…


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  1. Carrie Benefiel

    Well-done! Negative comments are typical of the uneducated, the conditioned or those who have not experienced the benefits of the plant-based diets. Some, just truly do not know any better. Take it in stride, and keep up the great work. Thank you for posting the updates as well!

  2. ronan the karpathion

    People may not need meat in their diets, but dogs do. A dog can eat raw chicken, stomach it, digest it then crap it out. It would near on kill a human. Humans need carbs in their diet, dogs do not. Veggiea contain more carbs than anytging else. If you want to be vegan good for you, bur dobt force your dog to be, if you cannot come to terms with feeding a dog the food its eaten for 10s of thousands of years then get rid of the dog. Selfish is what i thought when watching your video, meat and bone, meat and bone! No oats, no cereal, no veggies. Meat bone and a little bit of fibre.

  3. mantronixtube

    i started following you a few months ago and i love your vids. my lovely little dog has had so many issues with dog food and i really think it looks and smells gross. once i was checking out at trader joes and somehow i was talking about vegan to the cashier and he said that…he went to a dinner his friend had and his friend is a celeb chef in venice beach or something and it was all vegan and insanely good…and even the chef's dog was vegan. after all these struggles with all the food companies i finally decided i needed to start making her food. cuz she loves my kale and seaweed (she LOOOOVES NORI)and coconut oil…she loves anything i eat (that she can eat)…so i did a search and was so excited to see you have this video! but i was confused…i thought dogs can't have almonds or soy?i trust you… ihave never given here tofu because i read it was toxic and also almonds. just curious. thanks so so much for this. i was so happy cuz i already love your vids. i love your shopping hauls ๐Ÿ™‚ i'm so excited. plus, i think it's a bonus that humans can also eat these foods. win win win. ๐Ÿ™‚ i read dog kibble is so hard on the kidneys. thanks. no more ramble. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oliver Twist

    Thanks for the great info :). I am just wondering how many teaspoons of nutritional yeast would be a good amount for a 60lb dog? I feed my dog once a day and i have been putting a teaspoon in but I'm not sure that is sufficient. Any help is greatly appreciated as I cant find any info online about dosage for dogs.

  5. Icarรผs 5440

    Instead of slopping everything together, you should also add hard food to aid digestion and teeth health. Plus, dogs dont like to mix food. They usaully eat foods in order of preference(beans first, then pick out the broccoli etc.)So mixing in slop isnt the best idea

  6. Gila Hermosisima

    i have been doing the elimination diet for my dog but it seems that no matter what kind of meat i give him he still itches. i tried raw feeding and it got worst… thats how i know he is allergic to meat. im gonna try the vegan diet now. thanks for explaining the benefits. ๐Ÿ™‚ i really hope it works.

  7. TheShaddows InTheDarkness

    I feed this to my dogs except I add a lot more stuff… not that your missing anything it's just I like to add some extra superfoods that dogs have like China seeds, coconut oil, wheat germ, and yeah I think that's about it ๐Ÿ™‚ I add a little more veggies dou lol just cuz I don't give em as much veggie treats so yeah thanks for the recipe ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh yeah and I add unsalted sunflower seeds, and like an extra one or two cups of quinoa to the main mix… no extra water it cooks just fine… thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Aethelthyth Quezada

    First time I made it I messed up and used too much molasses so it was strong, but I mixed it with the meat dog food I had to make it better. This time I made it she loved it. I don't think I'll need the rest of the meat dog food. And if I have another can here I'm giving it away. Thank you so much

  9. Dawn Aguadera

    Hi there! I would like to ask you about your thoughts if you think feeding dogs with pumpkin purรฉe together with their dog food good for them? I'm glad I stumbled upon your video. I'm also planning to change my dogs diet because they are basically allergic to a lot of meats

  10. Chako Williams

    You are saying all that because you've never given them raw meat. Raw meat diet is the best diet for dogs and you will be surprised how they become healthier and happier. Watch Dr. Karen Becker on YouTube. She does not recommend vegan diet for dogs. I'm vegan and feed my dogs raw meat because that's the right thing to do. You should've had a rabbit so that vegan diet would be perfect for them.

  11. av5283471r

    One of my dogs became highly allergic to meat. He is 13 years old and will start to change his diet entirely starting tomorrow. I need some luck cause he loves meat especially boiled chicken liver with rice and grilled chicken.

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