How “DIRTY” Are Your Natural Hair Products??!!| Curly Hair Care Product Rating

How “DIRTY” Are Your Natural Hair Products??!!| Curly Hair Care Product Rating

Find out more about the think dirty app here: ▽What I use to do my scalp massages Clean hair …


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  1. Shawntas Way

    If you use some of these products on this list that had high ratings, don't be upset at yourself or anyone else. Like I mentioned.. it's okay to use whatever you feel, just be mindful. Don't be hard on yourself or others. At least now you know, so that you can move forward with a mindful decision that is realistic to you NOT perfect or critical ❤️

  2. Julie Nichole

    I’ve used the app already….. and I’m strictly shea moisture now and Cantu conditioner. It’s only a 5 I think I can get pass the fact because there are technically no full bad ingredients 😂😂 except I’m using the as I am cowash until it’s all done but it was rated a 8 because it had fragrance 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. Riqui

    Another Awesome Video! Thank you So So much! Because of this app, I have decided to dump all of my Cantu hair products. I absolutely love this app. I didn't know that you can use it for food also. Thank you again @ Shawntas Way for another Powerhouse informative video

  4. markayla rodgers

    That’s crazy I used all the high ranked products on my hair and I never felt a problem with them they grown my hair a lot cleansed it all the way and everything but I know because the app determine it so right so now what should I use on my hair just water that’s it?

  5. stephanie cares

    Your voice is so beautiful ……i have a serious question I recently changed to only all natural hair products. I seem to be getting a horrible rash on my neck and chest anywhere my hair falls it's so embarrassing.i have so many products I don't know which one is it. Also all my doctor has to say is as you get older you become allergic to things. No joke she said that

  6. PriScilla G

    I know that you are lying about the app.I have used some products that was suppose to Wow..and I have experience hell..trying to figure out what works.Push came to Shoving and I started making my Own stuff to go with
    The in between products that I use.Thanks very informative!

  7. Jassminn Shanae

    “… rated an 8” y’all my heart was dropping 😭 especially for the CURLS brand. Their products are like 14 dollars and up and have the nerve not to be clean . Like sis what exactly am I paying for then 💁🏾‍♀️ … cancer?

  8. Reesie 122

    I've been using this app since you spoke about the Eco styler gel and it is a shame that the FDA let us consume or have these bad chemicals in our food and products. Please do a video on the clean products. I need to find a book of recipes so I can do DIY's for hair.

  9. Shawntas Way

    So, I took a dive into the unknown and decided to take some of the most commonly used products and put them into the "think dirty" app to see what this app thought about the ingredients..and I will say… I was surprised at what I saw on camera but I looked at even more products off camera and was speechless. What are your thoughts? Leave them below after watching this entire video

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