How do you know that Christianity is the one true worldview?

How do you know that Christianity is the one true worldview?

Exclusivity is one of the most popular charges leveled against the Christian faith. Here, author and apologist Ravi Zacharias and RZIM speaker John Njoroge …


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  1. peppe pepe


  2. Eric Claeyborn

    The incredible accuracy of Bible prophecy, including those for the end time, proves the biblical God is real, so He better not be ignored, or mocked, although that was also prophesied. Jesus Christ prophesied, before He returns, His gospel will go into every nation. Today, the Bible is the #1 best seller of all-time, the New Testament is in hundreds of different languages, and the gospel is preached on TV and on the internet… which is well on its way to fulfilling Jesus' prophecy, which was given 2000 yrs ago.

  3. Carly Weiss

    Why the hell do people believe in God or any higher power? Because it's comforting to think that someone has complete control and everything is planned out. People who believe in god say people who don't are close minded but it's the other way around. People who believe in god and heaven just don't seem to accept the fact that WE ALL DIE AND THAT'S THE END OF IT. Boo-hoo. They want someone to blame and take responsibility. If god was this almighty power who controlled everything and loved all, then why the hell does the shit that happens today happen at all? So if a woman is getting raped or abused or anyone in general, it's ok because everything happens for a reason because thATs wHAt tHE biBLE sAYs. How stupid. I mean seriously, if we can believe in this person who created everything and controls everything, then how far off is saying unicorns exist? Vampires? Zombies? I mean, hell maybe even 40 eyed cats exist! Seriously? We are born because of sperm plus egg. We grow up due to our bodies accepting nutrients. We die from our bodily systems shutting down over time. WE DIE. THATS IT. And he didn't even answer the question. Christians are saying they are the only religion that is "real" well so do other religious groups. What makes you guys so different? bEcAuSe tHE biBLE sAYs sO? beCaUSE gOd sAYs sO? Go and take comfort in something that is scientifically and physically impossible while the rest of us accept the fact that our ends are inevitable and there is no way out of it. Believe that after we die our "spirits" go and skip around with God in Lala land. W E. DIE. AND. WE STAY. DEAD. If a mountain started floating then yeah maybe I'd start to believe but theres been absolutely no proof. How do we know that everything thing that anybody that has written in the Bible is not a lie? What if everything in that book was just fantasy. What if crazy people wrote that book hundreds and hundreds of years ago? If a random person came up to you and they said that babies are born with super powers why would you believe it? I mean, if anything was written in that damn book the Christians would believe it. If the book said that theres a 1 in 5,000,000,000,000 chance that a man could give birth to a dinosaur the Christians would believe it because gOd sAiD sO. Open your eyes and face reality.

  4. Michael Stanley

    Intuitively people know that, it is appointed once for men to die, and after the judgment! Jesus proved life after death, life from the dead, and is the Resurrection and Life; the power/authority of judgment is given to Him by God; as also the Truth, He proclaims to every one that He alone is the Way to the Father of spirits, exclusively the one and only Way. Simply put, I believe Him

  5. Man lu Dj

    If you would show me without using the already provided 'Truth' ( bible, and others), what and who god is, then I would listen.

    Have you questioned the Authors?
    Religion followers do you know how old your religion is? Did god create religion? To me all this sounds like any other programme that has a big success and if we do find out who designed all this, then I could start now preparing what will be religion for the next 2000 years to follow.

    Fear = god
    Why should I be afraid of my creator and how could I ever assume to know my creators name while he is ever silent?

  6. Zero Naut

    He sums up the general problem with Christianity. They generalize and judge other people and their situations based straight off their own ignorance and are always trying to trap people into falling prey to their dumb reasoning, ignorance and judgement based off of that. And apparently, wherever this moron goes he makes people cry 😂. He lies about being a doctor and honours from cambridge yet we suppose to trust him that he tells truth about his own saviour complex driven tall tales where he is always stroking his own ego and trying to get you to idolize him. Pathetic charasmatic leech just like the rest of TBN scammers 😂

  7. Mind Web

    Ravi Zacharias, Stephen Tong and mostly a lot of people like them who loves to use "all-too-big-dictionary" to explain about Jesus, don't make sense. Don't get me wrong though…what I am saying is that, understanding about Jesus is not using logic thinking with big and awesome words that is soooo lengthy (eg. 2 – 4 hrs speech). Just like Billy Graham, and those followers of Christs (not including lukewarm christian or so-called catholic christian), only using simple yet understandable words, you already know and understand who is Jesus and you know that He is the Messiah and God in the Old Testament and New Testament until now.

  8. Shambala Forces

    Tibet was occupied by China and the freedom that you enjoy speaking like this is not there in Tibet and that’s why His Holiness The Dalai Lama desire freedom for Tibet. As simple as that!!! But thanks for mentioning Tibet to your faithful audience👍

  9. No Name

    Next time you see an atheist, ask them: "If Christianity happened to be true, would you then be a Christian?" And then watch what they answer. Many people say no. It shows that they don't care about truth, only their self interests.

  10. Ocean拍片教學

    Haha..! You guys are so lazy. If you want to know the details of religion comparison, look it up. He’s answering the question in a Q&A session of a huge event with a group of (I suppose) not-dumb people, obviously with time constraints, assuming you should know those already. Come back after you read those comparison and talk to people of those religions to find out what they believe. Then you’ll understand why he answered this question this way.

  11. pravin kumar pravana

    Basically ,All religion teaches the same thing.I will try to explain this statement with an example.all of you heard about a story.there is an elephant and four blind touches and say different things about an elephant.everyone has own believe system and he believes on that.

  12. Key North

    Here are the questions if god is all powerful if god is one then sin is must also be a creation of that god. If this is true then why is their morality and law against what text claim to be profane? If god is one then sin must come from that god and sin must also be allowed to exist but if sin is against god how can their be one?

  13. Tez

    How do you know christianity is the one true worldview?

    Its not about Christianity! It's about Jesus Chrsit! Everyone who has a desire for truth and life will come to Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth, and the life amen!!

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