How Do You Know When You've Met 'The One'?

How Do You Know When You've Met 'The One'?

Jen Wilkin, Jackie Hill Perry, and Jen Pollock Michel give insights on dating and marriage from a Christian perspective.


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  1. Debra S

    Good advice… But it's VITAL to mention that there's not a "one" for everyone — God calls many to imitate Jesus and Paul in being single for the Kingdom! Videos from leaders and culture-shapers such as TGC should not leave this Biblical truth out ;).

  2. Dylan

    So many wander looking for somebody so constantly it takes away from their walk with Christ. I tend to think "the one" is a myth because more often than not those characteristics of what you think you need aren't actually what God knows you need. I think the biggest thing is knowing it's going to be in His timing if any person will come into your life that you're suppose to marry. Within that too understand where you are personally at too. Are you actually right now maturely in a place to grow in Christ with somebody else. Do you still need to grow with Christ before you're ready for that commitment maybe down the road. A lot of people marry young, a lot of people marry older, and a lot of people never marry. Through my own experience whichever of those God has planned for you, you have to keep running toward Christ because he will fulfill you, strengthen you, and sustain you more than a relationship or marriage can or anything on this earth can.

  3. Erika Santos

    That was a really healthy and good way to approach such delicate subject, since many of us were bombarded with chick flick images idealizing the image of “the one”; I was wondering if you guys would be able to do the “sequencing” of this video, which would be (I wonder) about the ‘first step’, meaning who approached who.

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