How I Cope With Aging; Why No Cosmetic Procedures, Sugar, Soy, Dairy, Most Grains/Health Over 40, 50

How I Cope With Aging; Why No Cosmetic Procedures, Sugar, Soy, Dairy, Most Grains/Health Over 40, 50

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    I want to thank all of you who have left your kind and heartfelt comments about my video and your own health journeys. Due to Hurricane Irma I have been unable to get onto the internet or YouTube to view them until now since we've been without electricity, internet or 4g, and are running out of backup power to charge our cell phones. Right now we only have 4g for short spans of time so I am posting this comment as I am finally able to. When electricity is restored I look forward to responding to as many as I can. Thank you again all of you, and here's to all of our having better health! Hugs ~ Janis

  2. Barbara Leo

    There is now a lot of information that is available for health, than there ever was. I learned this over 5 years ago – that our Food has a real affect – either good or Bad. IF anyone still suffers – then it is NOW up to you to Change. Don't take a Doctor's advice – by giving you More Pills!

    Do what this lady recommends – get off Dairy, Sugar, Flour, and MEAT! MEAT is as lethal as sugar these days. You can live on a Plant Based Diet!…but you have to get off the processed crap. VEGETABLES from the GARDEN is exactly How we were made to EAT !!! FRuit – everything in moderation (if you have sugar level issues)… but the point is – The Garden can sustain us.

    Remember – Mankind was to live in a Paradise…THAT alone should give you a clue. AND Even ANIMALS used to eat Vegetation! 🙂

    Genesis 1: 29 Then God said: “Here I have given to you every seed-bearing plant that is on the entire earth and every tree with seed-bearing fruit. Let them serve as food for you. 30

    And to every wild animal of the earth and to every flying creature of the heavens and to everything moving on the earth in which there is life,* I have given all green vegetation for food.” And it was so.

  3. Barbara Leo

    But I will add this aspect – that Many of the People reading this – have no Clue to What is possible! 🙁 We've been fooled by so many religions that people go to heaven when they Die. AND Then What? IS this IT??? LIFE moves So quickly… that all of a sudden it feels like we are now our Parents….and we don't recognize the person we see in the mirror.

    P!ersonally – JLJBACK – You are not droopy. At first appearances, you look normal. But I suppose if you focus on it enough, you begin to notice all the differences, and can commiserate on these aspects?

    I suppose for those who allow themselves to Gain weight, and become inactive – YOU will Feel Old at any age. I see young women in their 20's….that look like Aging OLD WOMEN because they are obese.

    IF YOU look into your HEART – How do you REALLY Feel? I would be – as a young person – when I'm actively involved – I feel like I'm in my 30's!!!!

    THAT is no Accident. THAT is part of HOW WE WERE MADE from the very beginning – in the days of Adam and Eve. You See….Mankind was meant to Live Forever. LET THAT SINK IN A BIT.

    Mankind was Meant to Live Forever – Our Bodies WERE DESIGNED to live F O R E V E R . Do you not notice how much we can heal after a cut, an accident, or trauma… WE CAN HEAL.

    But at One Point… WE begin to Age. Probably are even after Birth. But the Process never stops… And there is a real explanation why that happens too…

    But I tell you there is MORE to life than what we now see. There is a FUTURE that could Give you the Gift of Everlasting LIFE on earth. And for those who actually READ the BIBLE, it tells us that our future could be MORE than the Short Life we have now.

    So WHY do we Die??? Could WE live forever? Even JESUS said that Everlasting LIFE was a Possibility ! John 17:3 – BUT the requirement is that we have to LEARN about this – WE HAVE to understand His Teachings to get THE Full Scope of this Future Plan. IF we never learn about it – how can we know what is possible? – WHY WE GROW OLD AND DIE –

    Can we Live Forever ?

    When I was 16 years old – I had a lovely lady come to my door…and she shared with us the future, She was one of Jehovah's Witnesses. She has since passed away. But the information she shared with me…has stayed with me all this time.

    I learned the Truth of God's word…and MY future that I Now know about….is NOT what People commonly believe. Just because an idea is common (that we go to heaven when we Die) Does NOT make it Accurate. And that is where a person has to trust GOD's WORD! You have to READ IT for YOURSELF 🙂

    Don't let your Future be delegated by false thoughts and hopes. WE were Wonderfully MADE by Our Creator – to enjoy more than just a short lifetime.

    Even ADAM & EVE lived to over 800 years old – until GOD JEHOVAH cut the time short for all mankind. This is also recorded in the Bible, in Genesis. He did this for a reason – Mankind was no longer allowed to live well into their 100's… Imagine IF we could Live to 300 or more…in a Life like we have Now????? Imagine if we lived so long….with so many diseases….for hundreds of years. The EARTH could NOT sustain that kind of lifestyle. SO – God CUT SHORT THE TIME for us to Live.

    No Time itself did not change – They still had the seasons, and four seasons made a year. There is still back then…24 hours to a Day.

    but God made us to live a shorter life after the days of Noah. So far, we know that some people can live to be over 100 years old… but that was about it.

    Psalms 89 –
    47 – Remember how short my life is!
    Was it to no purpose that you created all humans?
    48 What man can live and never see death?
    Can he save himself* from the power of the Grave?* (Selah)

    That was the question that was even ASK BACK THEN!!!

    So dear lady of the Video – What you are saying…is Nothing NEW under the Sun. Aging has always concerned Mankind.



    Juliana in New Jersey

  4. Barbara Leo

    I'm 67 – have been guessed to be in my 40's. Personally, the worst part of my body is seeing some saggy skin around my neck.

    But I also LOST over 80 POUNDS over the past few years too. So, if that is the worst of it? I can tolerate having some saggy skin. BUT I sure couldn't tolerate carrying around those 80 lbs for the rest of my life.

    I also WALK every day – both my Dog and I need it for bone health. and…when I have time to spare – I work out at the GYM!

    I gave up dairy over 4 years ago, and discovered my arthritis pain went away. Then I gave up sugars (finally) THAT was the hardest because it is in ALL processed foods – under different names…but it is IN there!

    I still feel tired, but I also do a lot of work. I am an artist, currently single, took care of my mother during this time, and have two part time jobs – one is my online business – – and also at a Senior Center.

    I'm not living the Life – I am busy. So stresses of every day life confront me. Taking care of my own home is a job. I couldn't walk away from this if I tried – but it's the little things you can't even let for A week. Stuff piles up – lawns need mowing, and I do it ALL myself.

    One thing I learned – real quick. IF you are Not Healthy – you will have to depend on others to help you. AND IF THEY ARE GETTING OLD TOO – then GET Healthy NOW! I am Down to the weight I was in High School…and can even jump into a short Sprint with My Dog.

    Yeah… I'm pretty Amazing 🙂 Juliana

  5. Wendy Watts

    I am 59 years old, and I was diagnosed with cancer in July 2017,. It has been a battle, but I am working hard to get well. One thing that bothers me a lot is how much I have aged in the last year. It's as though wrinkles and lines have come out of nowhere on my face, the skin is sagging, my coloring looks unhealthy, and I just don't look good at all. I realize that appearance is not what should matter to me–being alive is! I'm just struggling with all of the changes in my body and am looking to change my diet, exercise more, and get over worrying about how I look. It is a privilege to be alive and grow older.

  6. Betty Kilfoy

    I am 61 and I have been going through a hard time getting old.Illness has been very bad I have a quiet large beautiful family,I find I'm a person pleaser . you are very beautiful.whut you say about the gut is SO true .I have to change what I eat.All the best and God bless 😘

  7. editelh

    I'm gluten free, 100% dairy free, soy free, nitrites and sulfites free, and almost 100% sugar free. The 100% will be reached by the end of October in preparation for a long combination of wet and dry fasting. I figured out all this on my own some years ago when no doctors could tell me why I kept getting sick and tired and foggy and depressed. Tons of tests, hundreds of doctors visits everywhere and nobody had a clue! I don't believe in doctors, the only things they're trained to do is to cut and to prescribe harmful crap.

  8. Lina Paulina

    Love these changes I live that diet too.
    I also don’t eat gluten or sugar. I dont eat them because it causes my inflammation of thyroid and hashimoto and of course headaches and intestine scars from gluten sensitivity my body attacks it. You can have gluten sensitivity not celiakia and it’s enough to quit gluten.

    I also loved sweet stuff and breads. I’ve eaten them till I was 30.
    I don’t use shampoo or conditioner with gluten
    The only sugar i use is manuka honey gold from new zeland sometimes and never with hot drinks. Oddly it helps especially after sickness.its filled with probiotics.

    Vitamin D promotes health in women and during menopause as well. Especially the one from uvb sun rays but short exposure not too long only until skin turns pink.
    Vit D is inflammatory and regulates the body functions and immunity.

    I don’t drink alcohol and never did neither I smoke or take any painkillers or medications, unless absolutely necessary.
    But I do like drinkig grape juice diluted with water and water with apple cider vinegar…

  9. Kam Hellarian Goldy

    You look great! I know you have given up dairy, but since you used to eat it, did you know that (full fat) cottage cheese with onion powder (for the quercetin) helps to repair and rebuild the gut? Can use it as a dip for sea salted potato chips that have been fried in sunflower oil (aka crisps in other places).

  10. Margot Schlösser

    Sun is great, go into the sun, if possible 30 minutes a day. Not nesseceraly between 12 and 4. It's the sun creams which cause problems. Not the sun. Sun make us healthy and happy. Without we lack D3 and many other things. Stop wearing a hat, I'd say. Such a pitty

  11. Phyllis Lindeboom

    Very good information! I am a year younger than you. I am "addicted" to sugar and I know that I need to change my diet but I also have a husband addicted to sugar and he says he wants to enjoy life. How do you change yourself when you have to also take care of someone else? He does want to stop smoking and has been trying off and on for years. He likes only white rice, he's a meat eater, loves snacks and candy etc. Wants Dominoes sugar in his coffee each morning. I have tried other healthier sugars and he let's me know. He goes to work with a coffee jug and large cup to drink all day. I am also addicted to soda and tea that is of course, sweetened. So I have a ways to go! Have tried to give up soda different times. Anyway you are inspiring! I like Dr. Carolyn Leafs books on the brain as well as her book on diet (Think & Eat Yourself Smart) and it's effects. I just haven't bought it yet. Blessings to you!

  12. Nilay Izmire

    I am extremely beautiful(that's what I am told constantly). However my family thought me never look outside but what's happening inside, this includes brain. I was brought up to feed the gut and brain, correct nutrients for organs such as heart such as olive oil. Now everyone wants to loose weight most of them not because for their health but for outside look. I think parents should teach their children what's most important the most in life. Not those superficial things. Thank you for the video. I am happy to hear eventually you have started looking after what you eat and looking after your health. P.S. I had my first coke at the age 21 (secretly from my parents)! I had maybe 30 cans of soda in my life.

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