How I lost weight healthy lifestyle ♡ Weight Loss/Healthy eating♡ “How To Lose Weight”

How I lost weight healthy lifestyle ♡ Weight Loss/Healthy eating♡ “How To Lose Weight”

for more videos check out my channel – Makeup in this video Hi beauties, welcome back to my channel. This video was one of the scariest iv ever…


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  1. Christina Boutwell

    I actually stumbled onto this video. I was looking for makeup tips and found this one! I just want to say this video was very helpful! I absolutely hate the word “diet”! I have tried to go on “diets” and they never work for me at all. I may stick to them for a week or so and then I’m over it. I like that you explained that it’s about eating “healthy” and how to eat healthy. I’ve been struggling with my body weight/image for about 2 yrs now from being so stressed from college and I recently graduated this year so I’ve been trying to get back on track with eating healthier and working out more but it’s been a challenge! Do you do nutrition consultations over the internet bc I would love some advice on how to become more healthy!?

  2. Kathleen Padilla

    Immediately after my friend explained to me about the diet “sowo hope site”, I looked for on Google and when I found this, I dropped more than 10 lbs in just a several of weeks. The diet plan is fantastic. My close friend already lost 13 lbs too.

  3. Annamarie Callahan

    My boyfriend is a nurse and has been helping me have a healthy diet. He buys all organic and has been teaching me how to cook balanced meals. Everything you say is what he's been teaching me; it's a hard process but it's worth it!!!! I love that you are from Ireland, my grandparents are from Ireland and moved to America. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. Annie King

    +DramaticMac I can't eat first thing in the morning so I have to pack food to take to school. Do you think a good replacement for oatmeal is whole grain cereal? Because I know you said not to eat "processed food" but I just cant eat first thing in the morning so I need something packable

  5. Angela Hicklin

    you are cute as a button, if I was as cute as you are i would be all over youtube in my bikini! seriously, i am very over weight and the info you shared in this video gives me hope that i really can lose weight if i be patient and eat 6 times a day according to the pyramid. thank you Aisling!

  6. Victoria Glam

    I am so glad that I found your channel! You are such an inspiration! I am actually going to college now and studying to become a nutritionist some day. Thank you so much for sharing this video with us! Absolutely love your videos 🙂

  7. CharziParziPuddinPie

    Really enjoyed your talk! I went to school for fitness and nutrition about 20 years ago (!!!), and it's like you said, you have to stay current on info, plus I like to have refreshers often. You're gorgeous and seem very genuine and kind, I very much like watching all your vids, especially the makeup dupes (I'm addicted to finding drugstore dupes lol). Big hugs from Hawaii🌺

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