How I Stay “SLIM” + How Many CALORIES I Eat (What I Eat in a Day Vegan)

How I Stay “SLIM” + How Many CALORIES I Eat (What I Eat in a Day Vegan)

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  1. Milky_Bats

    You can track for a few days to get an adverage and then see where you're at? It also depends on your height as well. I'm pretty short ( 4'11 ) so I don't need as much calories as someone taller.
    If you feel good and have enough energy, maybe just keep as normal until you feel a change? Like, if you start to feel sluggish or start gaining weight?

  2. HoNkHoNkTheFab666

    I’d say if you wasn’t walk or doing exercise then that amount of calories is fine but since you are you definitely need to be eating 2,000 calories at least. A good way to fix it is eating calories dense food like a lot of oil and peanut butter, bread and more nuts in general.

  3. Shan Wain

    I'd been counting calories for over 2 years non-stop, then suddenly I forgot and stopped and havent counted calories in over a month! I follow a whole foods plant-based diet and no difference in weight, and I feel less stressed! BTW, your hair is amazing.

  4. NoirVelours

    Cron-o-meter is your friend? Make sure you are close to what you need in term of nutrients for your age, height etc. then all is good no matter how much calories you actually have in a day. That app is quick to use, I'm super lazy myself but I check it now and then just to make sure I'm not getting too much bad habits in terms of nutrition.

  5. Larry Brown

    3200(ish) vegan calories a day. It all averages out by the end of the week. Some days I work hard, get hungry and might hit 5k and other days I might be really chill and only need 2k, its all good, you know what your body needs

  6. Rachel Reichert

    I feel like the number of calories is less important than the quality of them. For example, 100 calories of carrots vs. 100 calories of pop is still 100 calories, but the carrots have more nutritional value and will obviously be better for you in the long run. I'm certainly not a nutritionist or expert on this, but I feel like if you focus on eating mostly whole foods most of the time, and eating intuitively like you seem to do, you should be just fine! Your perspective on eating and working out is refreshing, and I think it is a lot more sustainable in the long run than extreme workouts/dieting/calorie restriction, etc! Also, can't wait to visit your cafe!

  7. Marina W

    If you feel good and you're not hungry then keep doing you!! You're skin is bright and pretty so you're probably getting enough nutrients. If you are concerned, or feel like crap see a nutritionist for a consultation and see what they think!

  8. Michelle George

    Calorie counting helps with weight loss! Helped me. But after a while you don't need to cause you can eyeball the portions. You made great meal choices. I use that app you used and my calories are at 1800 for maintenance. And I think I eat a lot. Most days I never get to 1800 but I'm quite satisfied. You're doing great !

  9. Leandri Viljoen

    I've been tracking calories for a long time now and I've recently noticed that I also do the "well I'm actually full but I have some calories left so I guess I'll have some dessert then!" Which is really not necessary, but I'm scared to stop tracking calories because I'm scared of gaining weight again ya feel me? I eat pretty healthily, but previously I could easily snack on a whole bag of nuts and feel nothing but now that I'm tracking, I'm more aware of calorie densities, even in healthy foods… So I guess it depends on your goals. Counting calories helps alot for me if I want to lose weight, but if that's not your goal, just eating intuitively is definitely the best way to live your life!

  10. Sofia Elizarova

    Loved this video. Wish I had the guts to finally go vegan and start eating healthier. I’m already vegetarian, but there’s way too little vegan choices in my country 🙁 But yeah, 1400 would be my ideal. Btw do you have any tips on how to consume less sugar and grains? I feel like I rely on them too much. Love you 💕

  11. ambearific

    I've been looking at random health things on YouTube today and some mention RMR or other like base rates of your metabolism and say knowing that will help you know if you're eating too much or too little. They get it tested somehow with breathing into a tube or something. I don't know, but I found a link to a simple test on some bodybuilding website that also explains other metabolic rates and what can affect them (like cold weather apparently slows it down?) is the link so maybe check into this and maybe one day get the actual test (however that is done) to see if you're usually eating enough?

  12. Rebecca Marchand-Smith

    Big consideration is how tall you are and your body composition (fat vs lean mass)! You seem like a smaller person & you're eating nutrient dense foods so you're probably good where you're at as long as you feel good 🙂 One thing to consider is that unfortunately there was a report released recently about heavy metals in vegan protein powders (you probably saw Mic the Vegan's recent vid) :S Not sure about the brands you used in this video… I keep a jar of cooked beans, peas, or lentils in my fridge and just add a couple tbsp to my morning smoothie instead of the Vega powder I was using before!

  13. gummyslimey

    Home ec and health studies teacher here. I also think you are eating quite wisely and have a good attitude towards food. You don't actually damage your metabolism if this amount of food is a basic, every day way of eating for you. But if you'd suddenly cut the amount of calories you normally consume in a day in half for a longer period of time, that would be damaging. It is normal to have variation in daily caloric intake bc we don't eat the exactly same foods every day (that'd be boring af) sooo overall I think you're fine, just keep doing what you're doing.

  14. Michalis Bouas

    I'm not sure calories are as important as a lot of people think! I decided to count calories one day last week out of curiosity. I'm always full after my meals and have loads of energy but it turns out i wasn't even hitting 2000cals. Given that I exercise a lot and people always tell me that I eat a lot, I was pretty shocked. But you've just got to be intuitive, if you look and feel great and your body is getting all of the micro and macro nutrients it needs then I don't think calories matter too much!

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