how much fruit does a fit and healthy raw vegan eat in a day? #76

how much fruit does a fit and healthy raw vegan eat in a day? #76

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  1. New York native

    Ok love fruit, but being in a physical job where forklifts and people are unloading trucks and holding boards and boxes over their head , how does one expect the supervisors and bosses to allow someone to eat 65 bananas over the course of a seven hour day ????? Do any of you people have a job where YOU CAN ONLY EAT ON FUCKING BREAK???? To me that's the real world, anyone care to disagree? Signed , lover of fruit and actual employment

  2. ADM Recording

    I love your videos mate and I'm sorry but you look emaciated to me.  I was a raw vegan myself and was very idealogical.  But then I learned more and discovered the major physiological differences between us and chimpanzees.  First of all we most likely would not have evolved from chimpanzees had we stayed on the chimpanzee diet.  And from a logical perspective the foods that fueled our body and brain growth throughout evolution are most likely the foods we still need to fuel our body and brains.  Studies have shown our bodies are better designed to run on glucose than fructose.  In fact if a patient in the hospital is unable to eat what is the first thing they are given intravenously?  Its not fructose, it's glucose (also called dextrose).  I believe our evolutionary predecessors evolved to eat more underground organs such as tubers and root vegetables which are higher in glucose (in the form of starch).  It also explains the increase in brain size as glucose is the best fuel for our brains.  Fruits are much higher in fructose compared to potatoes and such that are higher in starch which gets broken down to glucose.  Also our pancreas and salivary glands produce much more amylase than chimpanzees and is better equipped to digest starches while fructose places more stress on the pancreas and may even be linked to pancreatic cancer.  Also look at how much quantity of food you need to eat to get enough calories.  A chimpanzee has a much smaller body and brain to fuel.  Our digestive system is almost the same size but our bodies are 2-3 times as large which suggests that we are designed to eat more calories and less volume.  Also our colon is much smaller than a chimpanzee also suggesting we are designed to eat less volume.  There is too much "cooked food is poison" propaganda that scares people from eating cooked food.  When in fact there is much more real poison in plants.  Leafy greens have natural insecticides they have developed through evolution to protect themselves from being eaten by insects.  But these insecticides are also poisonous to humans and eating one type of leafy green in large quantities can be very poisonous.  Much worse than eating rice. In fact many plants in nature are fatally poisonous and if you were living in the wild it would be much safer to eat underground organs such as potatoes as such.

  3. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

    Even if you're one of the people who can be healthy on that much sugar, you basically have to spend your entire day eating and excreting. You have to drink gallons of water to control your blood sugar, pee every two hours, and sleep 10 hours/night. Is that what you want to spend your life doing?

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