HOW to Balance Your Diet: making foods you love fit

HOW to Balance Your Diet: making foods you love fit

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  1. Aja McClanahan

    I'm so glad I found you! I recently started a program and have been discouraged, like, "no one is short and fat like me." But I think I saw you said you were 5'0. I also deal with sweet tooth in the AM and evening. I'm encouraged that I will be able to gain muscle and lean out. Thanks!

  2. patricia Oji

    Hi lady, just re-watching some of your videos here on YouTube. When I first found you I was transitioning from very militant type of restriction very calorie base. Then I was trying to transition into more of a lifestyle that could be sustained without me feeling insane and deprived all the time. So when I first started watching your videos I was just starting to make that transition. I knew that this advice was on the track that I needed. Now that I've had a little more time into this lifestyle transition, your videos resonate with me on a whole new level. Please please please post some more! I have some ideas would love to email them to you!

    Thanks for everything that you do! And for sharing all your pearls of wisdom!

    God bless!

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