How to become happy and live a healthy lifestyle

How to become happy and live a healthy lifestyle

Life can throw some curve balls at you and I know this first hand. I recently have been going through, yeah you could say, a quarter life crisis. Not sure what my purpose is, where i’m going…


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  1. CoverCritic Shane

    I can see it now. You leave a flower on someone's car. The guy thinks that his GF is cheating and beats her. You are beautiful , but you seem to be an emotional wreck. Who makes vids of themselves crying on the phone? It seems the cam is your best friend. Have a nice day.

  2. Clark TV

    Ohhh Jenny….cracking me up when I got up this morning…still as funny as you were in highschool 🙂 Good thoughts…Now I need you to come up with something that helps with how to mentally repair your body (mines falling apart due to old age haha).

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