How to believe in yourself: Jim Cathcart at TEDxDelrayBeach

How to believe in yourself: Jim Cathcart at TEDxDelrayBeach

Jim Cathcart thought he would never make a difference. An average student from a working class family with no athletic or special skills, he expected an …


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  1. brian siweya

    wow. This was very short and the most powerful of the Tedx videos I've watched. This hit me hard. If I can spend an extra hour daily in my field of interest I will be an expert in that field after 5 years? Wow soo true and really inspiring. And it makes a lot of sense though

  2. Syed Mohammad Essa Hussaini

    As we are Living in several environment but that's important to how Scheduled our Life. If you have schedule keep it with yourself and going on your timetable but its better to know you have a good timetable if you have after all now you can follow that and the believing will come automatically . so i thought wrong you can pointed my mistakes Respected

  3. Muffin Shorts

    One of my friends said I don't know about something and he thinks that I will never be one

    But I have a true friend that supports me at any costs even if my other friend says it's no possible

    And guess what I did know that something and my other friend is wrong

  4. kgpow

    Bravo Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, Golden Gavel Award Winner, Cavett Award Recipient, super hiker, super biker, husband, dad, grandad and most of all, colleague and friend.

    I can't wait to do another video interview with you again this weekend.

    You are indeed a blessing!

  5. Zee

    Amazing. Thank you Sir! This helped me get through 🙂 this is not my first time watching this… every time I try to find this video I search "Think like an oak…TedX" lol. This video is my long time favourite vid that helps me to believe and have hope in myself. This was educational and inspiring, still is. Thank you. I hope to find and help myself to get back up and go the distance and hope to have that "energy" to do what I need to do to make myself, my family and childhood self proud.

  6. turningofthetide1000

    Created for a reason? No. Not true. Able to create meaning in our lives? Yes, most definitely.
    This claim that if you study one hour a day for five years (and similar ones, such as 10,000 hours to mastery), you can master a field of study has little basis in science. It depends enormously on the person and the subject at hand. If the speaker is suggesting that by studying at something one hour per day you can make advances in a given field, then of course you can. But please, let's discard these "1 hour a day" or "10,000 hour" claims, which are silly. I found this talk vacuous and pretty much a waste of time.

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