How To Deal With Fear of Aging and Getting Old | Feel Good Now #5

How To Deal With Fear of Aging and Getting Old  |  Feel Good Now #5

Fear of aging can be overcome by realizing what a nonsense it is and then dissolving those beliefs using those simple techniques. And, no, no affirmations or NLP or any other ninja tricks that…


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  1. Anees Fatma

    i m 13 but i have anxiety because of the fear of that time is passing and my guardians are getting older….. what should i do……….. i see many old people they look like that their life is going to finish that nothing is left in their life………. i have no fear of my death…. i just love my family the most so i just have the fear of losing them…. is there any solution to my problem ???? and how many of you feel the same??

  2. Nicole Niles

    If this was supposed to be inspiring for women, it wasn't. It was the direct opposite. Even if we looked 20, they wouldn't want to hang out with us because we're 50? You plainly do NOT get this struggle AT ALL. Seriously, this is so incredibly depressing and should come with a warning label, because other people's negative messages are very damaging, and once it's heard, it's heard.

  3. WOLF MAN1008

    Only that that aging is bad to me is because
    It's depressing that the thing that you love dies and my body and me are very important to me my body is something that I depend on more than anyone it's just depressing I'm 17 now and just hope I live a Long nice relaxing happy life πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ€˜πŸ»

  4. Mike Russell

    The Intro on this video was very appropriate. In my opinion you should stick to just one intro, not changing it everytime, because sticking to just one will make it catchy and more memorable to users, as well as creating a "brand". Hope it helps πŸ™‚ Nice video btw !

  5. CupNoodleKitty

    Kamil, thank you so much for making this video, I truly appreciate it and it makes me feel awesome that you took a subscriber's comment seriously and tried to help!! This video was just fantastic, you opened my eyes to a lot of things I haven't thought about before. It's REALLY interesting what you said about beliefs that are not mine.. So that means that I probably live on autopilot regarding a few things that I sometime in my life picked up as truth?! That would mean that once I rid myself of that belief or come back to my own truth, those thoughts ("Nobody will want me with 30", blah blah) would not bother me anymore!?! Wow, now that's some motivation right there!!

    Thank you, Kamil. Also for the nice message in the end πŸ™‚ By the way.. I got rid of a headache today using your 2 min cure πŸ˜‰ You rock!!

    Much love and keep on doing great stuff!

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