How to Follow the Calorie Restriction Diet

How to Follow the Calorie Restriction Diet

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  1. julia

    People… if you are looking to loose weight, be happy and fit for life and save the animals and the planet PLEASE look up Raw Til 4 or Freelee The Banana Girl! I totally wish someone told me this sooner and that I could be the happiest I ever have been

  2. dipesh lama

    hey hey! Have you heard about – fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got really defined Six pack abs and lost a ton of belly fat with it.

  3. FutureLaugh

    @Stonewalljackson7 optimal nutrition sounds perfect but why reduce calories? This adds to the confusion because if you had optimal nutrition, then you would be satiated and wouldnt over eat to begin with. people are constantly hungry because they arent getting enough calories and because of the existing fad diets IE non fat diets etc. every fad diet is telling you to reduce calories but not enforcing the idea to have quality calories recommended for your age, body, blood and metabolic type.

  4. FutureLaugh

    @Stonewalljackson7 yes and no my friend, i do know something about nutrition and i DO NOT believe in calorie restriction. Calories themselves are a faulty system because people count their calories instead of eating better ones. So many americans are starving themselves because they are cutting calories- and all it makes them is more fat and miserable. Agree or disagree?

  5. FutureLaugh

    @Stonewalljackson7 lmao the body is made up of a trillion cells; so you are telling me that according to you- it is PROVEN fact that calorie restriction is the only way to extend a lifespan. EXTEND a LIFESPAN haha so i should eat 1.5 meals a day and live to be 130? show me the proof

  6. kriptonis

    2000 calories is the recommended kcal intake for a female adult.
    For example, I have a total kcal need of 3600kcal due to my height, weight age and activity level.

    The only way to loose fat is to cut on calories. This doesn't mean that if you cut on calories you loose weight.
    (for example, if you eat 1000kcal of pure fat every day only, you will gain weight. You will also die in about 2 weeks, depending on your body supplies of vital nutrients).

  7. kriptonis

    actually they clearly say "make sure everything you eat has NUTRITIONAL VALUE".

    The ONLY way to loose weight is to eat less calories than your body needs. No other way around it, no where no how.

    They also say to eat fruits and vegetables, where you get all necessary vitamins and minerals.

    This is a nice video, with good advices, like the nuts advice.

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