how to have a healthy lifestyle | easy ways to be healthy and happy

how to have a healthy lifestyle | easy ways to be healthy and happy

hey homies, it’s time we get healthy, happy, and feel good in our own bodies! come along with me on this journey and comment down below what videos you …


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  1. Piper Puccetti

    Thank you for spreading this message, Danielle! You are such a breathe of fresh air on the youtube community that is so obsessed with calorie counting, having low body fat %, being super toned, blah blah blah! You have helped me so much through hard parts of my life, and truly inspire me to find confidence in myself; you're such a light… love you!!!

  2. Aly S.

    I love pasta so much too, the best win for pasta and not super heavy for carbs is spiralized veggie pasta, like zucchini noodles are the best! They go good with everything: Thai food, pasta sauce, salads, etc. they are great and you can usually find pre-made containers of them at the store for 2-5 bucks.😊

  3. Daisy Rae

    Okay first off I love your positivity and how up beat you always seem even if that may not be the case at that very moment! I’m also too trying to switchover to a more clean fresh feeling lifestyle. Weather it be with my skin care or using no heat on my hair the kind of food I eat my sleeping schedule to even the kind of cloths I wear. A lot of people like the glamour life style and putting on makeup that enhances there features and indulging in foods they love. But to live like that day to day is not realistic. I would love to see more videos in this kinda topic and hope to see other you tubers get inspiration out of these kind of videos your making ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#danfam

  4. Casey Puris

    I looove health videos like this, especially when they’re little tips instead of cold turkey haha, and what about you do a what I eat in a day vlog including food & your health things (aka jade rolling, vitamins, etc.) I think that’d be so interesting!

  5. Elizabeth Harty

    great video sounds like youre on the right path to having a good mindset in life. sometimes i feel as though you are just trying to do what you think people want to see, instead of being yourself. the question i want to ask, then, is: if this does make you successful, is it worth it if you have created a different persona to get there?? i think if you really want to be happier you should stop trying to HuStLe all the time and just have fun with your life instead of only reading inspirational quotes on pinterest and writing in your planner. those inspirational quotes are not your own thots and to me make you seem less real. ive been a longtime fan i just want you to happy!!

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