How to Have HEALTHY Kidneys for LIFE

How to Have HEALTHY Kidneys for LIFE

How to Have HEALTHY Kidneys for LIFE At and we strive to educate people on natural solutions to …


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  1. Erba Kova

    I couldn't just sit around and do nothing like my doctors suggested.They didn't want me to do anything or to take herbs or herbal remedies, but I had to try something – they just wanted me to do dialysis!This program allowed me to take control of my health. I went from Stage 4 to Stage 3 kidney disease. click here

  2. Erba Kova

    "This program is unlike any other books on kidney disease that I have read.
    I learned so much I feel like an expert on how to improve and heal my kidneys with natural remedies from the inside of my body out!These techniques and the diet have helped improve my kidney function very quickly. click here

  3. Markus Patients

    For the first time in my life @60 I awoke this morning with right side kidney pain My urine is almost as clear as water but it hurts every time I p p.. I eat a balanced diet a tablespoon of good honey in my home made walnuts mixed berry plain 0% fat yogurt lots of veggies little red meat lots of water and other nutrients. What's wrong with my kidney on that right side Dr. Bergman ? I can't afford the 500 dollar fee for a 30 minute consult ( Just to talk to someone online) so if you can just read this comment and suggest something I'll tell my rich friend about your website. Thank you in advance.
    Or should I just ask the local Walmart pharmacist about my symptoms ?

  4. LadyAnne

    If it's Federally funded. Something is wrong in this nation. In all ways. No wonder my doctor said 6 months ago looking over labs said " OKAY. Kidney function is good" I said why shouldn't they be…. I am not diabetic… It just seemed strange the way he said it…

  5. Dina N

    What to do once we realize that our kidneys are in trouble? I have found that eating leafy greens etc. now cause my kidneys to ache, my muscles to cramp, arthritis, inflammation and chest pain, recently started learning about oxalate in leafy greens and vitamin C. Any type of fast and high fat, low carb diet creates the same problems. I’m terrified what may happen as I’ve also got high blood pressure and prediabetes. This all started about 8 years ago when I allowed them to talk me into taking some nasty prescription drugs. I am now 58 and had to take an early disability retirement. Prior to this, I hadn’t seen a doctor for other than check ups in over 20 years. I got myself off of those drugs and have been making a lot of progress in my health but now I’m stuck. Do you have any ideas or can you make a video addressing this type of issue. I love your videos and thank you so much for all that effort.

  6. VinJan Smith

    Jphn love your videos still single trust me i understand i have congestive heart failure and have had two NSTEMI heart attacts one stent in right coronary artery. Meds were Brillanta, Lisinopril, plavix,pravastatin, aspirin 81 mg, Coreg 6.25. Only take Aspirin and Coreg is balanced, exercise mainly walking. question is can n
    heart failure be reversed. I,m 63.

    t ft

  7. Jeff Pansini

    What about chemtrails that they are spraying on us every week which contain heavy metals that we breath. The next big thing is going to be 5G. The vegetables grown today are deficit in minerals because of the soil. Our bodies need at least 80 different minerals. The only way to get that is with supplements.

  8. Ray Winger

    Hello Dr John
    This video put up. a flag for me so, I have to ask about another product you may know about. I was in the store the other day and, saw some children badgering their mother about some jello instant pudding that the little ones just had to have. She was very sturn about telling them no because, she felt the pudding was not good to eat because it was instant pudding and, she fell that there was something in the mix that would be harmful to them. I'm assuming, because, it was instant pudding, she felt that wad not good for them. Have you read anything in that regard, for it to be a problem.?
    I'm no chemist so, I thought I would ask about it and couldn't think of a more knowledgeable person so ask. I met you at one of many forums some time ago and ran across you on one of videos this year and was pleasantly surprised to see your getting out, on the net with your knowledge of good health management.
    I couldn't think of a better way of finding out if that mother knew something that we don't.
    Hope you can reflect on this type of product,
    Good or not.Thanks lots.
    Keep up the good work and videos.

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