How to: Juggling a Healthy Lifestyle

How to: Juggling a Healthy Lifestyle

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  1. TGS

    Can't believe I just found out about your channel! I love it, especially your advice as it's real/honest which you need when your getting into maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Sleeping is something I struggle with too haha! That and being consistent with my healthy eating diet as I often go through healthy/unhealthy stages which is annoying! Great advice video 🙂 xx

  2. Scola Dondo

    Just make sure you're taking in enough protein and other nutrients in order to repair your muscles but otherwise just keep training but always have a rest day to give your muscles time to repair & recover. And thank you love! 🙂

  3. sonyia S

    You get prettier and prettier :p I always like it when I see you in my subscription channel. It really boost me up, thank you ! I also wonder how do you deal with after Working out aches. Must I keep training or wait till They leave ?

  4. Demetris Sheppard

    Wow scola your inspirational girl I didn't start looking we're got till I was 16and summer time I did realize. How much I had lost just one day I woke up an swam an, an and did belly dancing. Vids and. More but scoop started and at the end of the year I had stopped. It wasn't. Till my first. Year of college. I gained. It all back but now im on again and I'm changing. Nt life style

  5. sabrina

    hi, Scola! I've been watching you for about 2 months and you inspire me soooo much. All my life I had like 25lbs more than I should and always struggled to lose them, but never succeeded. I have lost 10lbs so far and I feel inspired to go on. I just wanna thank you for the support and motivation you keep giving us!:)

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