How to make Sesame Chicken – Easy Chinese Food Recipe

How to make Sesame Chicken – Easy Chinese Food Recipe

PRINT FULL RECIPE – Why go out or get carry out Chinese Food when you can make it at home.


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  1. dan blank

    I tried this exactly how u made it and just didn't like it much , but second time I tweeked it a little and bam , tastes like the Chinese restaurant up town , what I tweeked was I cut the sesame oil in half , and added more chili garlic sauce , and added more flour and cornstarch to make the batter more doughy instead of liquidy , andded some sea salt also , , great food

  2. Cold Clutch

    So I've been binge watching this guys channel when he does what are we eating. And I'm looking through my favorites and find that this video I put in my favorites from years ago turned out to be the same guy I've been watching. Small world haha

  3. Bill Evans

    My favorite is Sesame chicken in the brow gravy, but you added two tablespoons of baking powered?…… That must have been a slip of the lips….. but you may be correct as I have never made it…. I just don't want to ruin it if that is too much baking soda….

  4. Kim Wheeler

    Hi Larry! Your channel is my absolute favorite on YouTube. I have a question about this recipe. This is the second time I made it and when I get to the end, after adding broccoli, I put the chicken in the sauce and the crisp breading on the chicken instantly turns to mush. Also when I make the marinade for the chicken, mine always comes out super liquid like there too much liquid ingredients. Do you know why that would happen when the breading turns mushy at the end? Thank you!

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