How to Practice Good Skin Care for Men

How to Practice Good Skin Care for Men

Watch more Skin Care 101 videos: A couple minutes a day of proper skin care will have your skin looking and feeling…


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  1. SxC Robbie

    If you have ever gone to a gym you would know that is how you are supposed to do them,not going all the way up to your knees.You dont do 20 big ones,you do 50-100 little ones,they are more effective anyway.The only thing he is doing wrong is not looking at the ceiling.

  2. P3 Gaming

    @88Infinites Even so he had a point. If you are so homophobic why come to a vid about skin care for men? But also just a point of clarification taking care of oneself is not gay. In fact it's helped me get chicks a hell of a lot better.

  3. Christian Elmes

    I can fully assure that any spot treatment products i have bought havnt worked and ive had loads of different treatments…

    but what did work was a simple change to my diet…

    I cut down on dairy products for two weeks, the dairy products i did have where low fat… 2 weeks later i went from huge spots to tiny ones now i get the odd one or 2 after a night out, pizza or a heavy milkshake. If you not willing to try this for better skin it obviously ent that bad!

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