How to Prep Meals for a Busy Week – Healthy Kids Inc

How to Prep Meals for a Busy Week – Healthy Kids Inc

HKI Founder, Mandy Curry, shows how her family pulls off healthy meals in less than 20 minutes each night. With a little …


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  1. Retze and Tabita Santos

    Pretty impressive, learned a few things..Would have liked the complete meals listed. Tip, get the shredded rotisserie chicken in bag, from Costco, the pulled off bone one vacuum sealed. Its about as cheap as raw chicken. Costco also has some great heathy granola so called Aussie bites. You may want to substitute your pork bacon to a turkey bacon version to avoid night trans fats. Also, consider adding some onions and garlic into your healthy cooking as they are extremely beneficial.

  2. Nina Bean

    I absolutely loved this video. It truly encouraged me, knowing meal prep can be all family inclusive. I would love to know where you purchased your containers. Especially, the square containers. Are those the bags used with a FoodSaver machine?

  3. Tigerdeer

    I liked your video on food prep best of all the ones I saw tonight. I hated the portionised way people do it. I eat variable amounts so prepping a whole lot of something and then using a bit of it when I need to is fantastic. A good example is your vegies … All prepped and ready to go but uncooked and unportionised. Thanks Mandy for sharing our experience. 

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