How to start a healthy lifestyle for the new year

How to start a healthy lifestyle for the new year

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  1. Daneca Nason-Plourde

    I'm having pizza tonight, but after I have dance. I was eating healthy before Halloween came. But knowing that I have junk in my house, just made my cravings worse. But I'm starting again tomorrow, and every time I watch your videos, they just make me want to eat healthy, and be healthy more and more. You are me inspiration 😊

  2. Creative Eva

    Hi Alivia,
    I just wanted to let you know your videos inspire me so much. They really make me think about how I want to change my life style. You make me want to share my inspiration with my friends because so many of them wanting to just become "skinnier." You are so supportive, kind, and incredibly smart! Even if you don't respond, I'm so glad to share this with you because you're my favorite channel. I love you so much and keep up your great work.

    I hope you read this,
    Eva Ferrero (AKA Creative Eva)

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