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  1. Milla Peltonen

    Dan, what if you have a diabetes? Then if you would eat lot of fruits with have sugar… would that be a problem? I dont have diabetes yet but I have hight risk… My mom has diabetes 2 and I am really over weight so only worry with juices is the sugar…. thou I eat so mauch candy and chocolate so the fruits would be better… I know. 🙂 Just startin out… again. thanks for a great video

  2. laurie d

    I changed my diet listeining 2 Dan..I started by eating salads, FILLED wgreens like romaine, cilantro, spinich,grn onions, kale (still looking for a fat free dressing by Dan that I like, but until then..), all of my snacks are fruits/veggies..lunch is usually fruit/healthy crackers-got 2 have cuz of my type 1 diabetes (fruit sends it high unless I eat very little, then I get low)…and I drink lemon/ginger/honey juice everyday now..pain is gone from my wrists…PROOF! And smoothies when I can

  3. iliasse99

    @ywsjsba yeah. It was my sad days when i used to work out hard for hours and not getting muscles at all. btw! If you want something that builds huge muscle which showed me exactly what i was doing wrong. i've heard legal action is already underway but you can get them for now from here =>

  4. emacwakeup

    Love this video. It's great for begginers.. this is my second day.. roughly 65-70% raw… Cant wait till it becomes a lifestyle..! It is hard of everyone eats cooks food around u and then they give the look which says.. Wtf ur gna die eating no cooked food. Makes me lol…

  5. stefyomar

    I want to do a juice feasting for sooo long I manage to lose 20 kg in my life and I still need to lose another 15kg, i would love to become raw for a very long time I'm 25 yrs old but here in Italy we can't find "super food" and no doctor know nothing about raw foodism I need to know how much juice do I have to drink ,what I have to put in it and when to drink it for a period of juice feasting please help me, here I have no information at all just from you tube and web sites

  6. Limitlezzz

    @krsb43 I take that back because I don't know the details of pH balance, especially during a fast; because for example, the absence of food digestion probably prevents a lot of acidity that would occur normally. The reason why I changed my mind is because I started my first fast and realized that maybe too much water may actually create too much alkalinity.

  7. TooleyVideos

    Dan, you mentioned "Bioluminescent Energy". That term intrigued me — and the process of creating a "bioluminescent glow" burns so much energy – that humans could never really make this happen. Could you go into more depth about what this means, please?

    I started juicing and eating 80% raw foods since Christmas. I didn't see much weight loss, though. We'll see how it goes.


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