How To Stick To a Healthy Lifestyle?

How To Stick To a Healthy Lifestyle?

In this video I decided to share a few ideas on how to stick to a healthy lifestyle based on the most recent research. β–»If you found this video helpful hit Subscribe to support the channel…


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  1. Danil lancing

    Hey man. I'm enjoying your videos, real encouragement for the healthy lifestyle. Just want to share this with you and all the Tubers. Two years ago i weighed 113kg and was around 26-28% fat i think, and since i started to go to the gym, afterΒ  two months of concistent heavy lifting i lost 20kg.So ive been following healthy lifestyle of eating food that i prepared from scratch, yet allowing myself to have a cheat meal once a week, and still gymming it.So, this is kind of motivational thing for all of you who don't believe in rapid weight loss and size reduction. ive been overweight all my life, and the way that i am now, is the best thing ever, Best of luck and remember guys, you are what you eat, you lean mean chicken fillets, you! lol

  2. David Voguer

    Nedavno sam postao svestan ovih stvari sto si ispricao i stvarno shvatam koliko je sve zapravo jednostavno (teorijski) ali imam veliki problem da istrajem u svemu tome s obzirom da sam jedino leti aktivan, kada nemam toliko obaveza a i s obzirom da zivim na grbaci svojih roditelja i da sam student… ne mogu puno da uticem na "njihovu"/svoju ishranu, sto stvar mnogo otezava, da ne pricam da retko imam slobodnog vremena za rekreaciju, sem tokom leta, kada povremeno idem na trcanje (sto mi je jedne godine donelo samo gubitak tezine, a nista od mase, jer sam samo radio cardio)…. Ono sto hocu da kazem jeste, i kada shvatis koliko je sve prosto, nije lako odrzati to stanje uma koje te dovodi do rezultata jer se pored svega dogadja stotinu drugih stvari koje uticu na to….

  3. Shahzeb Hussain

    Hey Mario, good video brother. What helps me maintain a healthy diet is eating foods I enjoy, also one trick is I never mentally restrict anything, if I feel like having a pizza, I will say to myself I will have pizza when the time comes, but by that time I have already eaten a healthy meal lol. I used to be 19 stones and then one day I said, FUCK it and at first my diet was terrible I followed silly advice and only ate meat, vegetables and fruits which made me lose too much weight and I ended up at 11 stone at the height of 6 ft 3 which was not good. Also had other negative health issues which taught me that carbs are good.


    The only thing that stops me to execute my plan on daily bases is money. As a student, after 2-3 weeks i run out of money, and am forced to go to caffeteria, aaaaaaand plan is gone. But we keepin up the consistency, and thats important

  5. FloWhite

    Wow, thanks, I've been struggling with this a lot without even realizing what my problem was πŸ˜€
    I very much resonate with what you said in the part where you talked about reading soooo much theory and then failing to apply it. Not only with fitness but also in other areas of my life!

  6. Marcus Aurelius

    I appreciate your advice but im 18 and living with my two younger brothers and we have all kinds of sweets lying around. Sadly I dont have the money to move out at the moment but I guess dieting while having all these calorie dense things in the house will at least improve my self discipline lol πŸ™‚

  7. Armin

    That's such a good point you are making here. People often blame themselves last, it's always other factors which caused their problems for them, and that's just not true. You nearly always have a decision and it's up to you to change something. Very good video! Keep up the good work.
    PS: I am too from Croatia

  8. Deviliumrei

    'planning the calories and macros beforehand and making falling off of diet hard. Like if I'm at the grocery store and I feel like I would like to eat some ice cream later I don't buy it right then and there but I make a deal with myself that if I really want it I can pick it up after few hours. So then I would have to make another trip to the store which takes more effort and lowers the chance of me doing it.

  9. Kevin Sozanski

    Dude, you're pumping out so much quality content. You're constantly on point, no rambling what so ever. It's totally obvious that your years of experience have made you super unconsciously competent. Or is there still alot of research involved for you before doing these video's? And do you write down talking points? You don't seem to be looking at any other place than the lens.

  10. H Bruce

    Got to keep it simple, like you said. There is so much conflicting information out there and so much of it that it becomes overwhelming as to make your head spin and to accomplish nothing in the end. The idea is to sift out what is obviously BS and believe me, there is so much of it out there. In terms of self-efficacy, it is possible to get there by breaking your challenges into small chunks, so that you can succeed bit by bit and thereby seeing your own gradual progress, enables your momentum to pick up to the point where you say to yourself that I am a person who can do this. Outcome, a new positive habit is created. Hey Mario, a wonderful video, Helen

  11. Mark Zunic

    Another great video Mario! Love these!! One of my fav dieting secret weapons: apples…. I added 2 a day to my diet. The keep me full longer than anything else, except maybe raw carrots…. It's all about small easy changes that you can repetitively stick to… IF works great for me as well…. Usually I work out fasted in the morning and don't have my first meal before 2 or 3PM.

  12. Trevor Campbell

    Great video Mario, I liked the part where you talked about how newbies think a healthy lifestyle is some super complex formula that gets easy once it's figured out, while in reality it's quite simple but hard to consistently do. Never thought of it like this!

  13. Ronmeo

    Great Video! πŸ˜‰

    Especially one of my mindsets I learned from one of the books I read:"Complex problems have easy solutions." Same for Dieting, actually it's really easy to diet and it doesn't actually take a lot.

  14. Mario Tomic

    Long term behavior change is one the hardest things for anyone to do, and it's also a very fascinating topic to research. And in this video I decided to share a few fresh ideas from recent research studies on how to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy the vid, and let me know in the comments below how your resonated with the ideas. Talk soon! -Mario

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