How to Use Sexual Transmutation to Achieve Your Goals

How to Use Sexual Transmutation to Achieve Your Goals

MY UPDATED SEXUAL TRANSMUTATION VIDEO – How to Transmute Sexual Energy and Manifest Your Desires: …


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  1. Sigma MGTOW

    So if your single, instead of smashing one out, go for a run if you want to be a good runner? Or read a book if you want to increase knowledge in a specific area?

    Tbh I’m no pmo anyway and found that I automatically started to refocus my energy (extreme fitness, health and education).

  2. Alex Cordero

    I have a question about sexual energy maybe with your experience you could answer. unfortunately I was malested while I was Five years of age, I am 42 now and look back and realize that I was not good with the ladies, I am wondering is their a connection their. My Energy taking away, could I get it back in some way? I know this is a very heavy topic to ask so I am sorry if it makes you are anybody else cringe. I had this question for a while and because societal influence I have not asked it until now. So any information I would appreciate

  3. mojoe jojo

    I had very limited experience of reaching very high levels of genius/creativity when I was an art student. My lecturers and peers confirmed it for me I was known as the mentor of mentors even though I was a dope smoking loser.

    In hindsight I now know that I produced my best work when I unintentionally transmuted my sexual energy.

    It's only now that I've finally comprehended what sexual transmutation is I realize how powerful it is.

    My experience with transmutation came through an infatuation. Though I produced works that got the attention of people in high places my efforts were not consistent so I was seen to have strong potential to make it as an artist.

    Your efforts need to be consistent to remain in the desired state. I failed by falling into years of depression.

    I have much to share but..

    Nice vid Chelsea I would love to see your progress 20 years from now when you're more mature and wiser. Onward and upward!

  4. Rey Santos

    I believe there is a lot of confusion with the sexual transmutation, this is the reason why so many are into the nofap and it's because you kind of conserve your vital energy to invest in productive stuff, I honestly feel more motivation when I don't waste my sexual energy, I did try this and it didn't work for me, even tantra I tried, but I did learnt in the process that appreciation of the female body in it's totality augments the sexual energy to the highest levels of ecstasy and more if you not giving in, the tension of not giving in helps as well

  5. kuurt

    Nepolean Hill said sex transmutation is simple and easily explained and yet I've watched several videos on the topic and I still don't get it. You said that you have to feel horniness and move that sexual energy in the direction of what you want. How do you do that?

    Do you start off thinking about something sexual or watching porn? And then when you're close to orgasm switch to thinking about whatever you're trying to manifest? Do you orgasm while thinking about the desire you're trying to manifest? Or do you not orgasm at all? How does this work?

  6. Landon Smith

    Good stuff. Sexual desire is very powerful indeed. Have you ever heard of orgone energy? William Reich coined this term for universal energy after the orgasm itself. Ki, chi, prana, and all of the other terms used for this universal energy. It's definitely esoteric knowledge. Definitely makes sense why they (popular entertainment) push such strong sexual images and themes on young adults and teenagers because it invites an overindulgence in sexual thoughts and actions which is leading to lethargy, depression, and lack of any general inspiration.

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